Does Anyone Stream Gems?

Let’s see if we build up the community a little, yeah :slight_smile:

Hit rank 1, done for the day ^.^ Let’s use this as a post for self shoutouts, Let’s make streaming Gems worth something :slightly_smiling:

I have done a couple streams of it, but all the playing I do these days is a few hours on Mondays to get rank 1 and upgrade kingdoms.

I’ve thought about it for the PS4 version but want to get an Eye first. I will be sure to let the community know if I decide to. :slight_smile:

I stream via Steam whenever online (via the broadcast system), but otherwise I’m not particularly advertising it until I’ve got more of my troops traited and level 15. (Who wants to watch someone playing PVP with the same team 5+ battles in a row? Not me, that’s for sure.)

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