Dodge ability in Delves

I have had this question for a while, but first time asking if it is a big or if there is something I just am not aware of. I have been trying to do a few Pure 500 runs on factions I haven’t been able to beat for a long time.

A large amount of time the Ai will dodge skull damage. Sometimes 3 or 4 times in a row. The issue is none of the troops have Dodge as a Trait. There isn’t a Hero, so how do they dodge? I lost in the Boss room today the closest I have ever came to beating Warrens and they were on their last troop and dodged 3 straight times and managed to kill my last 2 will skulls.

Is there something I just not seeing that they can dodge skulls? I would say 90% of my deaths come from skulls killing me and with how much Life they already have having skulls miss over and over is beyond frustrating.

Delves may acquire a trait that isn’t from any of the enemy troops’ traits. Tidal is an example. You see it below the spell name of any of their troops. Tidal is related to “submerge”. Dodge in your case has probably manifested that way. Applies to all enemy troops and in all rooms after it manifests.



Warrens is a bad example because all four troops actually have natural Agile trait.

Otherwise, it’s just like @jpraveensn says - caused by some previous room you defeated. If you read room descriptions, it says upfront what the effect will be - future enemies gain Agile; future enemies gain Thick Head; future enemies gain +X attack; allies gain Death Touch and so on.


I never knew troops could gain new traits, so thanks for the info. Guess I just never thought to read the small print. I always defaulted to the traits listed on the troops themselves

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Found it, its the Goblin Throneroom. Tier V, four Goblins, all future enemies gain Agile. As if the room wasn’t enough punishment to begin with.

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I will say that after another 3 attempts this morning the first room the troops dodged several times. Caused me to lose my first troop in first room once as last troop had 47 HP left and dodged skulls 3 straight times. Seems they have Dodge without future rooms traits moving forward

Just look at what I said a few posts above:

That running lady or running dude in the middle of trait indication area - Agile.

Come to think of it, shouldn’t Goblin Throneroom make things even worse for the boss fight? For example, if you fight a room that gives your allies Arcane (+1 magic when ally casts a spell) it does stack with already existing Arcane on your troops. What is the interaction between natural Agile and acquired Agile?

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