Divinion Fields troop bonus error

As you can see, they gain +4 life from the boost, not +4 magic.

Yes this weirded new out also. It didn’t even make sense for divinion fields to have a magic bonus.

I for one was looking forward to seeing Ragnagord and Herdmaster’s powerful new explosions. :worried:

I am loving the Herdmaster and Ragnagord combo. Here they are with a pair of Druids:

That looks like a fun team! I might have to try it out!

Really? A 1.3MB PNG?
My poor dial-up… :cry:

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Watches Netflix. :imp:

Now that’s just cruel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s seems to be a text error not a bonus error. Should be fixed after update tomorrow.