Divine Protector is the worst thing about this game


My argument against making player-controlled Boss types has always been that makes it take more thought to design godslayers that feel powerful within their event.

But it’s been practically a year of godslayers and maybe 2 of them have felt very relevant?

It feels more like, on that note, Tower of Doom is what they wanted to make but had too many features to do all at once. So we got:

  • Raid/Invasion/Pet Rescue, which shared a common sigil-based event structure and scaling stats plus troop restrictions.
  • Bounty hunts, which let players choose a level for that event structure.
  • Delve, which adds “a level is a room with multiple paths” to that concept.

It culminates in Tower of Doom, which may or may not be their final design goal, but it is a refinement of all of those features.

Pulling it back towards the thread’s topic (sort of):

  • Divines were the result of letting lore make creature type decisions and accidentally stacking a creature type.
  • At endgame, they’re only one of many teams I have to be careful with, I hardly believe DP is the worst thing about the game still and honestly every month it feels weaker.
  • I don’t expect godslayers or siegebreakers to become relevant, they were throwaway ideas made to take steps towards a bigger thing.

Basically: I have a feeling the devs are satisfied they’ve “fixed” Divines, and even if they aren’t I don’t think their solution will involve retrofitting old troops. The pattern they tend to use is “pick the favorite troop on the broken team and make it suck, repeat until nobody’s happy”. It’s a good reason to not constantly ask for nerfs. It’s a good way to get “all mana-generating troops”, “all exploders”, and “whether you get a mana surge on certain matches” adjusted.

And we all know the real core of everything we hate in the game starts with free turns. That’s the real worst thing. We don’t love to hate free turns, we hate that we love them.


Not to derail the thread, but my general perception/feeling is that the devs spend too much time/money into new features and simply “abandon” them as they are and jump into the next project because this party (game) keeps going, there is no time to make adjustments or even make plans of giving Godslayer/Bounty Hunter mechanincs more uses, “New is always better!”…

This might even sound as an unfair and superficial take, specially considering the upcoming change to the Delve/Faction Event leaderboard, but that’s an exception. And since the devs are mostly silent, or even afraid to speak about future plans with us we can only speculate.


I’m really damn salty about this because I thought it was one of the nicest things in recent memory that you could finish a Tuesday event with only 1 or 2 tiers. If what I saw in another thread is true and you need 23 sigils I’m going to be an ass about it. That’s a week of freakin’ Delves in one day.


Let’s hope they adjust the points needed for rewards


At this point we need to wait and see, but i think the devs will just adjust it based on the new scores to keep the same rate of Shop Tiers/Sigils we have currently. I don’t think things will be worse, just pretty much the same.