A problem with the divine protector +8

The divine protecoter can exploed random yellow gem when it get+8.
But the sometimes the extra turn buy the 4 gems or 5 gems remove will not go into effect because the exploding happend before the gems remove. it usually cause lose
The weapon has been week after upgrade.


神圣护器(divine protecoter)+8获得技能 爆破1个黄宝石。 这个爆破目前观察到的生效时间是在神圣护器生成红黄宝石后,在判断宝石3 4 5连接消除之前。这就使得有的时候本来生成的宝石形成了4连或5连但是被爆破给弄没了。从而导致没有 extra turn 输掉对战。换句话说武器升级反而弱了。请更改这个技能或者让爆破爆珠生效在最后

Welcome to the new kingdom and weapon upgrade system. Key feature is forcing players to pay for their legendary/mythic weapons to receive traits exceedingly likely to backfire. Negative player feedback: lots. Dev response: none.


Level 8 upgrade of Divine Protector is explode a random Yellow Gem. This effect works after creating Red and Yellow gems but before gem matches. This would sometimes break would-be 4 or 5 matches and hence result in losing matches. In another way, this upgrade is in fact a downgrade.
Please either rework this upgrade or make said gem explode work after gem matches. Thank you.

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I do think this is a bug, I’m pretty sure Doomskulls caused a similar problem and they updated the code to give you the extra turn. To be clear, the bad behavior is:

  • You make a 4 or 5 match.
  • Something that explodes a gem is triggered.
  • The explosion consumes gems from the match.
  • You don’t get the extra turn.
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If it’s not intentional design it’s a least an established behavior. Doomskulls was a sequence issue between several board matches happening at the same time, Doomskulls now get processed last to prevent the explosion from altering the board state. Spells always get processed completely prior to moving on to board matches, that’s why Captain Skullbeard doesn’t trigger any skull matches before exploding the board.

Exploding the gem is part of the Divine Protector spell, so the board state is only taken into account afterwards. As much as I like my Divine Protector, I’d argue that spawning gems, resolving resulting matches, then exploding a gem and again resolving resulting matches might be a tad overpowered for an already overpowered weapon.

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On the other hand, sometimes the explosion gives you an extra turn you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Since there’s a lot of randomness already in the gem generation of DP, I haven’t found it to make it significantly weaker… I think it’ll be a bigger deal for weapons not modifying the board (e.g. DB), though.

Save the complaints for dawnbringer. Destroy 1 random red and yellow gem doesnt sound worth the risk for two mana.

@Saltypatra @Kafka Is this a bug in how the Legendary weapon Divine Protector triggers? Will this get fixed in an update? Will Devs review other weapons?


The mechanic on Divine Protector is technically working correctly.

It is how Captain Skullbeard has always worked. He creates 5 skulls, but even if those 5 skulls match to a 4x or 5s you still won’t get the extra turn if his explosions destroy the 4x/5x.

It is really annoying to have that 1 explosion when using a divine class with the weapon alongside a full team of divines, but it oddly enough makes the weapon stronger in all instances with 3 or less divines. Even 1 or 0 divines the weapon can still accumulate a decent amount of mana due to the explosion.

I think it mainly comes down to the need of having an option on all troops and all weapons to choose if a trait or perk is active at a given time.

But yes, weapons overall do need quite a balance overhaul as the upgrading system on 90% of weapons is pretty trivial with many “benefits” sometimes giving negative effects with actual good effects being locked behind getting the negative ones.


I’ll bet the order of operation is intended and personally makes sense to me.

  1. spawn gems
  2. explode gems
  3. resolve gem matches

Note that captain skullbeard works this way too. He spawns skulls then explodes gems before gem matches are resolved, then finally resolves matches last. All of the operations in the troop’s spell are resolved before gem matches are resolved.

With doomskulls spawning it seems different but it’s not. Glaycion or bloodhammer this order is still maintained:

  1. they spawn the doomskulls
  2. there is no explosion “phase” because doomskulls don’t explode on their own (only when matched/destroyed) and neither of these troops has an inherent explode gems as part of their ability
  3. gems are matched, hence you get the extra turn for 4-match skulls/doomskulls, which THEN causes the doomskulls to explode.

Having gem matches resolve in between parts if the troop’s spell affect seems way too powerful and would likely be the subject if numerous complaints of endless AI looping as they would receive extra turns & the explosions would refill to continue the loop.

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The problem isn’t the matching code or any bug. The problem is more cookie cutter naff design, favouring automation and copy-paste-shuffle design to create more functionality (read more things to spend on) rather than the greater effort needed for bespoke design that could give each weapon upgrades that actually help and fit. Sadly the latter probably isn’t viable for what I guess is still a small devs team. Shame.


@saltypatra having lost the ability to edit thread titles I can’t correct the annoying typo in this title. Protecoter?


Yeah now that I think about it the whole thing it could be intended.

There are a handful of troops I’ve used that generate gems and do something else, and even at 4x I can tell the order of operations is:

  1. Generate gems.
  2. “Do something else”.
  3. Match all gems that are still matching.

So if that’s the intended implementation, and “do something else” does a thing that changes what gems might match, it’s completely logical that (3) won’t match gems that no longer match.

Even if that’s intended, I wonder if it was considered for Divine Protector. Lots of people have complained these affixes aren’t always a bonus, and add risk to a weapon that once didn’t have risk.

Spawn + Explode is like oil + water.

I’ve only upgraded one weapon. Because its upgrades actually make sense for the weapon.

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:open_mouth: That’s why i was mentally reading this word as “Protecopter” without actually taking a look at the typo…


Sounds like the name of an awesome 80’s movie.


Oh look, the title is fixed!!!

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