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Disabling a trait (temporarily)

The 3rd trait for the Stormcaster hero gives a lightstorm at the start of every turn.

I’m using a Stryx team with a stormcaster hero and Phoenicia. Phoenicia needs a firestorm to be worthwhile. The Stormcaster is using the Phoenix crossbow to set off a firestorm. If I had the 3rd trait enabled… Phoenicia would never be able to get the double damage bonus off firestorm.

So a toggle button to disable a trait would be handy thing.


I’ve been thinking about this suggestion a year ago, but changed my mind since. In some cases, especially when it involves the invisibility trait, being able to deactivate traits selectively might increase an already strong advantage a bit too much.
I’ve run into a thief setup, where the summoned bandits did not have invisibility, yet the thief hero did. Not a pretty one to fight against, I have to say.

I think it would increase parity between players, though.

This and the ability to disable weapon affixes. There are weapons such as Mang that shouldn’t be fully upgraded because of random gem creation/destruction.

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I feel as though they should change weapon affixes for weapons with this problem, so that it’s always worthwhile fully upgrading every weapon.


Mang can be fully upgraded. Random gem creation/destruction are fine on their own, it’s only when casting a weapon spell that transforms gems (like Doomed Blade for example) and you’re relying on the extra turn that those upgrades can backfire badly.