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Remove detrimental traits from weapon forging

Looking at the weapon forging preview, there’s one trait on Dawnbringer that essentially kills the whole feature for me.

Dawn - Destroy a random yellow gem

It modifies the weapon from a controlled effect to a random effect. That’s nice if you like to gamble, it’s utterly horrific if you like control over your matches. For me, buying this trait would wreck Dawnbringer, permanently, because there’s no way to undo the behavior again. I’d rather pick a trait “Lower your hero health by 10%” than this one. Not ever buying the trait seems to be the only option, which prevents access to all subsequent upgrades. And since other weapons probably have similar detrimental traits, I’ll be missing out on a lot of forging.

Please consider changing traits like Dawn and Hot into less invasive ones. Dawn could instead grant one yellow mana on cast, Hot one red mana. If this isn’t an option, at least allow us to deactivate bought traits, so we don’t have to suffer effects we don’t want.


DB needs some nerf and this will do for now :blush:

It doesn’t appear to be isolated to Dawnbringer. I could imagine players feeling a bit unhappy whenever the recently paid for upgrade to their favorite weapon, whatever that might be, turns out to be a little less welcome than expected. Especially in case VIP players should ever get a force upgrade as part of their perks.