Different Armor same bonus


So I am saving my hard earned ducats to get the DeathKnight armor because I want to support you guys and I love the bonuses.

My question however is this:
Is there any plans or could there be any to make a more “Good Guy” armor that does the same thing?

I have never been a fan of playing bad guys or dark side or whatever, so if there is a plan to make an “Archangel” armor or “Holy paladin” armor or something that is the same but LOOKS different, I would like to save for THAT. Thanks!


I believe the files can still be modified to whatever you want. I haven’t bothered trying to mess with them since the 1.0.9 patch, so I do not know for sure.


Isn’t Gorgotha one of the bad guys? :frowning:


Say what? I’m Lost.


He isn’t bad. He is just a rock in a hard place.


I thought I remembered him being some sort of natural entity, not inherently evil? I wish you could find the quest text somewhere!


I thought he’s some evil dude dwarves mined out of earth. Maybe I’m confusing it with Lord of the rings though :laughing:


I think that’s right now that you mention it.

Don’t suppose anyone’s pulled together the lore for all of the characters?


[quote=“Emperina”]“There is a creature here, trapped in a prison.”
“One of the old Gods. His name is Gorgotha.”

“To keep Gorgotha in his prison. You don’t want him free.”
“He is a God of Fire and Earth. He is the Lord of Volcanoes.”

“There was a madness there.”
“It is a sign of the Old Gods. Those FOOLS!”

“The madness in their eyes reeks of Gorgotha’s power.”
“And it is not just the Warlocks he controls.”
“The weak-willed Dwarfs - he has driven them mad too.”
Gorgotha’s basically a Daemon of flame and stone. Like most Daemons he can bend the minds of worshipers or of little willpower to his control. As an old god, him merely being awake is enough to spread his influence and corrupt living things to become his minions and do his bidding, in the case of this quest line that’s to help him escape.

If there’s any other big-boss backstories or quest lines you need recapped I’d be happy to help.

It’s now time for the typo corner!:

[QUEST9129_ENDCONV_2] “Yes, Golgotha. Last time it was… difficult.”


So Gorgotha is as evil as it gets xD


Whoops! I thought it was more of an elemental force. That’s ok! NOW I can legitimately ask for good guy armor.


Heh nice new avatar :slight_smile: