Did I miss something?

I know the new version hasn’t rolled out completely yet, but I’m disappointed. Sure, I think the campaigns will be fun, but I was under the impression so much more was going to happen. For example, Arena and Treasure Hunt were supposed to change, weren’t they?

Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I sincerely hope that we weren’t only waiting for just another, longer, event.


Arena and Treasure Hunt changes are on the roadmap and might happen in a future update. They can’t do everything at once and I guess the decision was to do the thing that they expect will bring in $$$ first. They never said this update will have anything for arena or treasure hunt though, so I’m not sure where you picked up that idea.

Then, most probably, they should have released the minor version of 4th? As generally all the major releases in any game imply some drastic changes. In 5.0 there are none

Eh, that’s open to interpretation. Campaigns are a new type of event, the first one that spans more than a week. It’s the end of a certain weekly event schedule and the beginning of a very different one. While it’s not a whole lot of content, it’s still a pretty major change to the way the game is played, and especially in the way the game is monetized.

Though I understand what you mean. It doesn’t feel like a major release. It’s possible they had more in mind but had to change plans due to covid or something else. Or maybe they just felt going over x.9 is too much and went to the next major version to avoid 4.10. Maybe “5.0” is just marketing. Who knows, they probably won’t ever tell us.


Not sure about arena or treasure hunt but I do think they mentioned pvp and that didn’t happen either. What I think must have happened is maybe they were working on some new stuff but the boss man came in and said what are you doing? Make me some money! Now!!!

Maybe they are working on fixing all the bugs, and bad weapon affixes, and repetitive class trees, and having medals not set to teams, and guild wars bracketing, and bugs. Oh, did I already say bugs? Well there is enough to say it twice, so no edit needed.

This happens every time
They say they are going to change something in the next update or 2, then never do. Don’t have expectations or you’ll be disappointed

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