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The "Big Picture" of 5.0

When medals were launched to much griping about droprates and impossible completion, I seem to remember being told that they were just one component of the larger 5.0 update. The reason why they didn’t seem to make sense was that they were an incomplete system, and the problems might be ironed out when the rest of the pieces of the puzzle were launched.

Something similar was said about world events and their haphazard scoring; there was a reason why we needed to collect widgets worth 7 points in event A, and skulls worth a random 3-5 points in event B, and it tied into the larger story of 5.0. Presumably some campaign tasks might require you to collect X items from the weekly guild event, so I’ll let this slide for now (although I don’t think anything like that was datamined).

I feel like I’m missing the advertised big picture here. Medals only interact superficially with world events; there’s a custom medal every week that does one of two predictable things, and then it’s converted into a medal of seasons so that it basically never existed. You do get two free-ish epic medals per week if you’re in a guild that completes events and you buy tier 4, but calling that a solution to the medal grind is a stretch.

Have plans been delayed, and the original game-changing 5.0 update will be released in the next few updates? Did I read too much into offhand comments? It seems like there’s almost no content in 5.0 - but I’m not here to complain about campaigns. Just hoping to set reasonable expectations for the future of the game.

As an aside, I would be totally satisfied if the next quarterly update contained no new features at all, and instead fixed everything from 4.x. Medals tied to teams and off world map, campaign interface, explore interface, low rarity treasures, pet gnomes trigger a pet you need and tell the guild who triggered it, pay gems to veto daily offers, remove writ task from AB, team score formula, …


The troop/weapon restrictions make the event medals needed to win at high levels. Unfortunately they set it up so its pointless to progress far in the World Event. It gets absurdly difficult yet doesn’t give any more points as it does at level 10. It’s better for everyone in the guild to contribute equally.


I think it will be nice to have a new Dev Q&A to answer this question @Saltypatra :slight_smile:.

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I feel like some people overhyped the significance of 5.0 to justify the lowballing of rewards for current features from the past few patches.

Its all part of the master plan! … yes! for what? … I don’t know, but a lot of people don’t seem happy on the forums.

Monetization! Buzzwords! FOMO!

I’ve been waiting to hear the word “Fun” somewhere in the last few patches.