Thoughts on 4.5

Regarding the 4.5 update, I just wanted to make a few comments.

First, thank you to the devs for making this game that we all love to play, even though it seems like you just get a lot of bitching about it. We do appreciate everything you do, but are hopeful that you are open to comments/suggestions.

Second…in regards to releasing this update during guild wars—grossly unfair. Clearly, this update was not ready to be released and players suffered for it in guild wars. This is the last game mode that actually requires some thought, strategy, and is not a massive gem sink. To have battles crash, get counted as a loss and have nothing done about them is beyond disappointing, especially for those of us that still use guild wars as a metric as to how the guild is doing. I know that the devs’ official policy is to not get involved with guild wars, but this affected so many guilds at so many different levels. Please try to come up with a fix for this so our bracketing is not hurt for next month.

Also, are loading times going to improve? The game has become extremely slow to load and get anything done.

Lastly, this new mode of currency, “deeds” certainly makes it look like this game is going to be pay to win. I know we’ve all heard about now having the same adventure boards, but flash offers in order to level kingdoms, after we’ve already spent years and tons of gold grinding? It doesn’t make sense to me nor does it to a lot of high level players. I’m not sure what the fix is, because it sounds like you are pretty dead set on keeping these in the game.

I hope I’m wrong and these deeds will be the truth, just do not see it happening though. :crossed_fingers:


+1 to all points but particularly hoping that the Deeds don’t become available for purchase.
Thanks Crazy Lady



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Well put CL. The new deeds cost gives yet another place to sink in game currency and resources. This continues the trend of increasing the cost to progress in the game and a further separation between those who will fork out the money to speed tings up and those who will not.


I have played on my current account everyday since May of 2018. Before that I played on Xbox many many years ago. Within the last month I bought the Deathknight Armor simply because I want to support what has, up until now, been a great game. The fact that you can compete on an even playing field with players who have/are paying real money is a rare experience in today’s environment. If that environment goes away and becomes a P2Win cash grab, my love and appreciation will go with it. I hope the devs see the unique community they’ve built and make the tough decisions that need to be made to protect what they’ve built. Otherwise, it’s pretty obvious that the community will shrink very quickly.


I completely agree with your post @crazylady

Thanks for the clear and carefully worded post commenting on the latest patch…


I agree CL! I dont know why they feel it necessary to keep adding things…fix treasure maps…work on things already ingame to improve it…stop adding more!! Before they sink this game in the mudunamused

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Couldn’t agree more - this game has been wonderful but it was a complete downer to have a busy week in RL (didn’t know there was an update) find some time to get my GW battles done and lose 2 that I didn’t even fight due to loading issues !! If it keeps adding more I’m going to struggle to keep playing as real life matters too


Also the newly arise problem with reflex and Mang-like weapon, insta suicide if you use the weapon on a reflexed troop


My effect “Cleanse” is not working. It can not remove “stun”. After being “retangle” my “cleanse” can not take troop’s attack back, it’s still 0.

QoL updates and fixing content doesn’t bring in as much money as new content. If GoW is going to survive, they need to do both.

Also, isn’t that exactly what they did in this patch? They revamped the quest system, challenges, and improved many UI aspects.

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It’s a bit hard to pinpoint the situation from your description, if this is about the self-cleanse from the “Purification” talent of the Life tree, being stunned disables your talents.

My cleanse is skill. From Grogortha and Divinia

No…meaning adding deeds… making the kingdoms rediclous to upgrade…but…its wasting breath trying to argue any point…since in the end it’s all about the money…problem is…keep adding more…and big money players will quit …that’s what I’ve read and seen players saying anyway…I love this game…but I dont pay to win…never will…I do contribute…but for how long…idk

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