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Devs, Stop being so MISERABLE!

Take out the 100 gold from watching the adverts. It’s bad enough that you add this feature, but to make 100 gold one of the rewards is just insulting.

I watched the videos twice today and got 100 gold both times.


Chaos shards…
Gold keys…
And now this…

To be fair though that was all on my main account.
All 6 alt accounts received 100 gold for my trouble. Not anywhere close to the expected amount we were led to believe we’d receive prior to the update.


What were we promised again?.. I thought I read somewhere that it was equivalent to half a PVP match but I might be mistaken.

That was my belief as well.
With zero clarifiers of “it could be as much as half the gold in a pvp match”.

So if it was ranked…then 4k would be fair.
If it was casual then I guess 1k thanks to the 4.7 nerf… which is still…bull shit.


As far as I read in their official announcement, we were promised rewards that could be comparable to 30 seconds of game time.

Now, I can tell you for sure that I can make more than 100 gold in 30 seconds of play time :)).

I am aware that this is a random reward and that I might get 10 diamonds or whatever. But what are the chances for that? And I have to watch a silly add for 45 seconds!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

No, thank you. I’ll just stick to my own farming teams when I need gold or souls

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Not only am I being pulled out of the game for the duration of the ad, but they’re making money off me. I should be getting a couple thousand gold, maybe some tokens, and a couple gems for that.

In fact, watching the ad should be comparable to a tribute. That way it directly scales with each player.


Damn right! This is what I thought the rewards would be like when they mentioned this feature at the beginning.

This is what my other online game does. Watch the ad, get the every-20-min reward. Different for everyone. As a bonus, every week or so, they do a 3x each tribute, all day long, or collect every 5 min instead of 20. Mighty nice of them.

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I suppose you can get 100, 400, 3000 gold, 10 gems , 3 gold keys, 2 glory keys, 1 gem key, 35 chaos shards, 50, 100 shards, 100 souls. Not just 100 gold.

That wasn’t my point. None of those rewards, except maybe the gems and chaos shards have any real value for somebody that has been playing the game for a bit. And they are not something that you can not quite easily get more of by just playing the game. Is it worth me watching 3 ads per day and losing 3*45 s of play time just for the hope of maybe getting 10 gems? For me, no, I’d rather just play the game

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I’m sorry, I don’t get your point.
I’m merely pointing out that the 100 gold reward is nothing short of insulting for doing the Devs a favor. Similar cases could be made for the 3 gold keys, and maybe the 100 souls.


I checked last night and a couple times today, I never get the option of watching anything, it simply says “There are no ads available to be viewed. Please try again later”.

Any trick to it?

I think it depends on device, what are you using?

Pixel 3a XL on Net10 (Verizon network).

Watch an Ad to receive a tribute could be interesting.

I think it should at least scale with your highest or current % Gold boost Armor, since this is the more direct equivalent of what your game time will reward you.

I think I’m understanding now how they valued it, and it’s similar to how the Amanithrax compensations were valued with a Hoard quality of 0 in mind. If you imagine a newish account with no Armor bonuses playing a Ranked PvP match, the rewards are actually pretty low and take a while to receive compared to mid or end game (average stats).

If anyone has a new account and could provide a screenshot of Ranked PvP offerings, I think that would help.

Even just “pick a kingdom and get its tribute” would be halfway decent by comparison. There’s no gems involved that way though so be careful what we wish for here … maybe roll all our kingdoms with way reduced rates, we might still collect a few kingdoms and N-1 gems that way, instead of a dozen or twenty.

Id be happy for an extra tribute. Like, I collect tribute, I watch an add, I can collect tribute again.


Another two collections today, 100 souls and 100 gold.

I doubt I will collect them much longer, I can get considerably better rewards from a 15/20 second low level explore. Why should I waste time helping the Devs when then care so little about us.