Existential Question for the devs (🤞 Answered on a stream of some sort)

Why should I purchase something like this?

When it’ll only slightly benefit my overall play. But more importantly increase my power score (once I get the yellow kingdom to level 15.)

And thus cause me to earn less gold in PvP unless I only do 3 trophy matches. Which removes the whole point of having 3 options in PvP.

We argued for months about how unfair it is to punish end gamers for having high team scores in regards to PvP score. Just for you to turn around within a calendar year and show you didn’t actually learn anything from the experience at all.
If I’m 10k points higher than my opponent then I should make 66% less gold for the match.
If I’m 5k points higher than my opponent then I should make 33% less gold do the match.
3k points should be 17%.
1k points should be 8%.
Less than 1k points should be max gold amount.

TL:DR Since clearly you have challenges balancing PvP gold. I ask that you trust in someone who may know what’s best in this case. Not saying I always know what’s best in life. Nor am I saying I always know what’s best for the game overall. But I’m confident that I know what’s best for PvP compared to anyone on your staff (including the Sirrian). Y’all are simply too out of touch to know. Which makes sense since the game is so big now… You can’t just focus on PvP. So please… Trust in the ones (not just myself) that know.


Ridiculous. 🤦 Lol

(Incase you don’t see it. I get 33% less gold by being a little over 1k points more powerful than my 3 trophy opponent. Basically because I’ve gotten a few kingdoms to level 15 and they haven’t.)


I 100% agree with what @awryan says here. Those simple changes would actually make PVP worth doing.


I think the offers are a way to support the game. They have helpful resources, most of the time, but the appeal for me is mostly supporting the game.

I wish they had a daily offer in the store at a reduced rate, that would be good. My response probably has nothing to do with your broader point though.

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Zero logic here.


@Saltypatra claimed that “ We checked Ranked PvP, and the rewards were still the same for Team Scores 2000 below our own, and dropped off sharply after that. “

Can we please get a response clarifying that this is NOT working as intended - I’ll post my graph again, but it is clear that the rewards are NOT the same for team scores within 2000 of my own but rather drop off within that range.

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I believe when she said that they were still the same she meant ‘same as before the latest patch’, which is true… Opponents with slightly lower power levels having low gold payouts has been a recurrent issue for a long time, goes much further back than the latest changes.

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