Dev Q&A (Get Your Questions In!) Thursday


Don’t worry, right now you are not missing out on anything!


Count me in! :sunglasses:


Thats a good point i hadnt thought of but my issue is the only ony that has been available for me to mythic since i have been playing has been spooky. I doubt i will be able to craft enough of them to mythic the other 5.


Imp of Love and Winter Imp is in the Soulforge this week, brudda.

Crafting costs of legendary troops (solved... Vangor is silly lol)

S**t really? Lol those are the 2 i dont have lol


Yeah, I was think all this discussion about ‘finding’ them and the rarity… its been greatly relegated in that you can get an Imp for 800 diamonds.


@Whiskeyjack @turintuor thanks for the write ups!!!

Next week I will make a video for you all. :slight_smile: I’m so glad we got to do this, these streams have been in the pipeline for ages and I’m so happy we can bring them to you now.

At the moment it looks like we’ll be doing Tuesdays with me (and maybe a guest! Sirrian will be with me next week) and a q and a once a month.


Great news SP, I’m sure the whole of the community is enjoying these things and appreciates the time the devs are taking to engage with them.


Only 24 troops so max 12k points. :wink:


Could one of these guests be someone from the publisher? :slight_smile:


Hmmmm they are in America. If I ever get the opportunity I would love to have one with me one day!


Oh, a mythic Matilda for the common wealth games? That’s a holiday.


One comment about the picture for the GW defense screen: The white on yellow for the yellow day team name is more-or-less invisible; I hope that that is changed before release.


Something I’ve been reflecting on recently, perhaps you can shed some light on it. I suppose my question is; ‘Whats it all about, eh?’


Thanks for the transcription.
Sadly the answers are very disappointing, as was to be expected.

There is some improvement. The devs finally admit there might be a problem with the Wisps.
lvl 500 is midgame. It would have been interesting to have the stats for lvl 1000+.
There have been many threads about Wisps. I don’t remember having read anything about the magic link.

Funny that they say that Runic blade was problematic. It is still everywhere in arena and nothing has ever been done about it.
They have some ideas = nothing to expect in the near future, while Dawnbringer is killing arena.

Awesome! We are going to have the new UI that not many people except the devs seem to like but the one thing out of the tons of suggestions that had been made about GW that they agreed to implement is delayed to we don’t know when. Top guilds are going to keep on losing players thanks to GW, it seems.


It would have been 4th, behind Forest Troll, Kraken, and Mab. :rofl:

I can’t honestly say I consider Runic Blade problematic. I almost never lose to it. I can’t say the same about Dawnbringer.

Yep, that’s how it sounds to me as well.


Very probably. :smiley:

Same. The only problem with Runic blade is that it was until Dawnbringer the easiest way to win without effort in arena and it didn’t encourage creativity. Wich is a pity as arena is more about skill than about luck, contrary to what PVP has become. And there are many great weapons.
Dawnbringer can be defeated. But it takes some luck as well as some skill and it is not fun at all playing against it.


Dawnbringer makes it so no new players will be winning Arena without a lot of luck.


Magic link is one reason for them to be recharging too quickly after a cast.

I don’t think removing it fixes it, as I personally think the base spell is too cheap. It recharges too easily.


Regrettably (since I want the game to improve so I can keep playing it and have fun) I completely agree with @Arelana and @Aelthwyn. Very disappointing answers that unfortunately were along the lines as was already expected.

Every day it is becoming more clear that the game has grown so much (too much!) that the devs that make the design choices simply don’t have the time to play anymore. There are many things illustrating this sad observation, of which Wisp is the most glaringly obvious one.

Remember, three weeks ago the devs thought removing mana surges from 4-matches would solve the issue of Wisp filling so fast…

But Wisp is fast and requires only 9 mana to fill, which means it starts at six mana. That means a single 3-match on the AI’s first turn would fill Wisp (and since Wisp is virtually always used in pairs, a mana surge on that single 3-mtach would fill both Wisps)… No 4-match required here. :frowning:

Now if the devs actually played the game they’d know this, but the evidence obviously shows they don’t know. Only logical conclusion is that they don’t play anymore, meaning they have no clue as to what is OP, besides the “most used defense troop” stat. Which I will admit is useful for them, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Only playing the game can tell you the whole story…