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Destroyed troops stay onscreen

I have a problem with the game that happens randomly and does not seem to be triggered by anything i do.When i destroy an enemy troop,it remains onscreen and it’s traits remain active for the remainder of the match.This can happen to any opposing troop but it only happens to one of them per glitched game…At the end of the match that i have won,i only get experience points for 3 of the 4 troops due to the one remaining onscreen.If the troop that remains is a treasure gnome despite being destroyed,i get no rewards

Has anyone else had this problem? as i have had it for quite a while now.Also in the ingame shops all i can access are the glory rewards,all the others say “you have already own this and cannot purchase it again” even though i have purchased nothing.It has been going on for a long time too.


Thank you for the reply nav037,that is exactly what happens to me often.It is worse when it is the treasure gnome that is left onscreen as you get no reward when you win.

Thank you again as your video shows it perfectly :+1:

Had it once yesterday. Just another bug to add to the list

This has been a constant, nagging issue since 3.0, has been the subject of numerous bug threads, and if I did any research into it I think the most that’s ever been said is “It’s hard to reproduce, we’re not really sure what’s going on”, which is far less common than “We’re looking into it” on the scale of “reasons why this fix isn’t a priority”. It means they’re probably looking into it and would fix it if they had a solid repro case, but as of yet it hasn’t been reproduced reliably.

The worst is when you have a gnome on the top.
Somehow the game does not recognize it was defeated and there is no reward at the end :sob:

This is a feature! So you know what you killed obv

I’ve seen this happen, usually when I’ve used The Dragon Soul.

If they knew about the bug since 3.0 then they should have fixed it by now.

Oh how they laugh.

Hey @Fikda sorry for the delayed response!

The troop not being removed after it’s defeated is a known display issue however you should still be able to collect the rewards correctly! If you feel you’ve missed rewards from a battle please send a ticket to support next time it happens so we can check your account logs to see what happened.

If you’re only missing rewards when this happens to a gnome this may actually be caused by another display issue which will be fixed in the next update: Sometimes gnome rewards stack in a way which doesn’t show you all the rewards you received. We can also check this for you if you write a support ticket.

Regarding not being able to make any shop purchases, which device do you play the game on?

Hello Kafka,the platform i use is the xbox one.