Design-a-troop, so many cool ideas

I didn’t want to hijack any of the working threads, but I wanted to say how nice it is to see all the awesome ideas floating out there.

I’m really hoping the threads stay constructive and civil, as they have so far. I find it exciting as I infer the passions people have for their troop ideas, just from a few brief sentences.

I am going to be even more interested to see how the card functionality comes together with which ever concept is chosen for the first troop.

So look, I probably won’t be able to tell you your troop idea is fantastic. Heck, I might not even remember to click the like button, but keep the ideas coming, because I’m loving them!


Would be nice to have Bayonetta be made into a card. That witch time trait would be wonderful. Also not that it matters but her character was designed by a female :persevere: