Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Ah yes, Primal (Riven) banner was what I used, indeed.


Great thx again… Doing that at lv100 is impressive to say the least, a true achievement :grin:


I got to the last room in HoG today (hoard level 200) using this team…

Got unlucky that gargoyle got to cast early and targeted my top troop, so I could no longer boost its attack… But nevertheless I did kill the SS and got gargoyle to half life, with a bit more luck I think it should be doable, I’ll keep trying!

Hardest part is getting to the third room with all troops alive, half the time the gargoyles in room 1 destroy me, and there’s some second rooms I just can’t beat with the faction team… had viper in this one, which is probably the easiest.


That’s impressive but yeah, Gargoyle is the biggest threat in the Hall with it’s high damage output and what makes Hall the most painful is the fact they all have skull and spell reduction. As for the second room, I’d have thought Viper was a bad room with the Charm if it hits a buffed attacker. Still seems more like luck than anything else.


Gems of War in a nutshell.


Yeah but in high level delves, the luck required is basically the same as wanting to win the lottery which shows just how extreme it is.


Does anyone have a crypt keeper team they can share? I’ve gotten to lvl 370 using yas pride, Glaycion, yao, mega and I know this team won’t beat lvl 500.


According to my notes, try this team:

Red/blue banner
Titan+Mountain Crusher
Queen Aurora
Queen Mab

I haven’t used it yet, but it seems like it should be fairly safe. Lots of barrier to keep your troops alive, and lots of Freeze to help shut down enemy teams.


And a (dumb) question of my own: how can I check which team colors are associated with each faction? Is there someplace in-game that tells me “Hall of Guardians is yellow+brown, All-Seeing Eye is…”? Without spending a Delve token getting to the team selection screen, that is.


Look at the banner of the faction. Both colors are what is allowed there


Thanks. I just have to hope that this remains true forever, and that the devs don’t change things up at some point. Seems like an oversight to not put that info somewhere in the faction menu.


I cleared 500 with this team. Alternatively you could use The Possessed King instead of Mab, he wasn’t released when I did it though.


I’d highly encourage Kraken or Bear Banner over Red/Blue Banner. Mountain Crusher is your team"s mana engine, not Tesla.

+2 Br and Queen Aurora means MC always fill in 1 3 match to start the match (with Titan). No reliance on Mana surge


I beat level 500 using a second Tesla in place of Mab, I found having two sources of damage more helpful than the freeze, but perhaps it’s a matter of taste.

And in case you’re not running Titan regularly, Glaycion on first spot (despite not being as reliable a tank) got me to level 490, the yellow>blue conversion is surprisingly useful to get mana to the two Teslas… It’s just harder to keep the whole team alive through the run because it starts slower, that’s why I switched to mc-titan at 500 :slight_smile:

Good luck!


From my notes, I tried

Mc / q aurora / tesla / mab B:Hall

but had too many deaths after level 400, did better with

MC / weaver / tesla / mab B: Dhrak.



Got to level 500 easy with thus. Titan class with barrier from brown matches


Did Delve 100 in The Warrens with the faction team. Not sure how I feel, not a fan of this lulzrandom thing going on.

The charm bunny acts like an exploder if you have Luna on the team, which is rather good.

Biggest weakness is taking skull hits which agile just doesn’t do enough.

I dont know what the right team is other than you don’t need the Trickster as removing greens off the board seems like a bad idea for your team.


I was considering Luna/Bunnicorn/Knight/Luna. I figure if the first and last troops are identical, your opponent’s Trickster has no effect.


my 100 run was luna, bunnicorn, bunnicorn, luna …

it felt so fragile.

First try delve 200: AI skulled my first troop to death in the first room. made it to the boss room with 3 troops, only to get deathmarked and webbed by the AI. 2 of my 3 troops died from deathmark.

I strongly dislike this delve so much.


I think having Trickster on your team is important. He can pull Luna on the top and eliminate her by skulls to reduce their team to single damage-spell troop. Beside, Trickster can explode the whole board once, and some more times if yellow gems is matched from the explosion. As the board will be refreshed, problem about non-green board shouldn’t be a thing, like you don’t worry your Titan won’t get barrier from using Mountain Crusher.

I generally hate random exploding troops, but I have to admit, Lana’s third trait is very strong. Even stronger than The Possessed King in fact, as simple yellow matches are easier than 4/5 one, so she got higher loop-potential. Imagine multiple copy with her with Lightstorm…