Delves: Strategies, tactics, tips and more!


Yep, my Maw team is pretty great. It’s risky sometimes, but when it works, nothing can stop it.

Boss room is a lot easier when Gargoyle get devoured on first turn!

I might use the same team in upcoming Faction. Or classic Maw+Mercy combo.


I really hit a brick wall for All Seeing Eyes lvl 400.
Looking for team suggestions.


Normal or faction team? If the former i used eye/apothecary/weaver/sylvanimora to breeze through all seeing eye while clearing every room. Lost only once because dust devil and bullete messed up my team. I think this is jzg’s team


Really? I’m sorry to be septical, but I don’t see that team beating 400 unless you hoard is way over 100.


Yes that’s from jzg.

Jzg: I am at level 210 in HoG and 170 in ASE Forest troll / apo / dragon’s eye / sylvinamora
Jzg: dragon’s eye / apo / weaver / sylvanimora  B:brown blue -prp  
	Noob also used to 500. 
Timeknight: Silvermaiden / yao / yasmine’s pride / megavore	red/brn/prp
Timeknight: Lord Ironbeard/Yao Guai/Archer-Yasmine’s Pride/Megavore on all 10 (+2) level. He make fighting in first/boss rooms such a cakewalk!
Avathar: To l200  MC-titan (duststorm, barrier, lightning strike, fortitude) / Tesla / Weaver /Sylvanimora [entangled] Kraken banner (blackhawk)

I used Avathar’s team above to low-mid 200s, today switched to a modified version of jzg’s dragon eye / sylvanimora team.

Dragon’s eye / deep borer / hyndla / sylvanimora
B:blackhawk brown&blue-purple

No mythic needed, for any mid gamers out there. I do have the jzg team but like this one for now. Hyndla can easily kill the baby dragon, unlike the weaver who only reaches the bottom two enemies and sylvanimora who doesn’t do enough damage late in each delve.

At least that’s my experience with weaver and syl in Hall. I don’t have ubastet so in Hall use dragon eye / divinia / weaver / syl. Deep borer in Eye is a fun change from the weaver in Hall.

Oh and with the titan (in Eye) if you match enough 4 of a kinds hyndla makes dragon eye clear half the screen like marilith, but with the dragon transform too :slight_smile:


Titan class and entangle make sure you dont die from random skull. Apothecary can feed eye. Spam eye and then weaver when appropriate. That team makes all seeing eye a piece of cake. Battles were pretty fast too
My hoard is at 100


I’ll try.
Currently once they start casting, all they do is chain cast on green extra turn removing brown for the eye.
Don’t have Weaver to reduce damage, will try another Web option.


Keep in mind titan can clear the board pretty well. Most of the time i started rolling before they could do anything

In case youre still in doubt


Gotcha, missing the expode gems on match trait.


Sea of Sorrow talk:

I’ve upgraded my prospects on completing the faction delve 500 battle from “insanely impossible” to a better “possible but not pleasant.” Think along the lines of can I win the lottery with Lady Anariel? + any major misses might mean I get demolished by the AI faction lol. Rough estimate is that you need enough stats to complete the non-boss fight stages of Delve 500 consistently and/or survive 1 hit from the Legendary. (not much you can do if it Infernus splashes the same troop you need alive though. Under best case scenarios, you might need less treasure than Crypt Keepers due to the Legendary’s +9 life trait.


Got 3 more tried today at level 340-360, and successful in all of them, not a single troop lost!

It should work all the way to Level 500 as well, in all Brown Factions. As it’s a devour tactic, so The Great Maw will scale directly with enemies’ stats. But the higher you are, the more risk you would lose your Maw in enemies’ single skulls match, so you have to be extremely careful.

The hardest room would be Bulette’s room, as Rock Spirit will be the only one devour-able, and shifting position will mess things up a lot. Consider using other teams or lose intentionally if you’re forced to fight it, and try again next round.

Guarded Chamber is also risky, as you will have to deal with many summons, and Ancient Golem will remove Barrier before attacking you. Also, look at the troops you want to devour thoroughly before casting. I already cast at Impervious troops twice! :rofl:

As for the difficulty, I was wrong that every Levels are farmable. Higher levels are too risky, not worth a scroll when you lose, and you could still ended up with Delve Chest Level 5-6 in the end anyway.

Here is my difficultly rating for each Delve level. (Based on Hoard level 100 and maximum stats from Overworld)

  • Level 20-40 - Normal Explore - fast battle, perfect for quick farming.
  • Level 40-100 - Casual PvP - still quite easy. Farm-able at reasonable rate.
  • Level 100-200 - Ranked PvP - a bit harder a and require more attention. A great checkpoint for doing Faction team challange. More time-consuming farming.
  • Level 200-300 - Raid/Invasion - Quiet hard, but still managable with the right team. Farming all room might become too hard now, and require a lot of time.
  • Level 300-500 - Unique Delve Difficultly - hard as it can be. Using a cheesy tactic is almost a requirement. Farming here is not recommended, doing only required 3 rooms will be troublesome enough.


Well, my hat to you sir, thanks for the advices.

3 runs today, not even a lost troop.
I even went and did extra rooms on third run.
Should get my IPod this weekend.

Even easier I bet when my Titan reaches 70 (64 at the moment)

Used Titan, Alchemist, Sylva, Hyndla.


I think the room that gives everyone snare would be a problem also


Credit to @jzg for discovering eyes teams
Make sure to max titan asap tho. Its the best class for many other game modes


Not really, as Maw don’t need magic to work. After he successfully cast, even silence doesn’t do anything anymore, that’s why he is so great at Hall of Guardian.

If it somehow died, webbed Alchemist is still okay. Died again, then webbed Dawnbringer is a big trouble. Still, if you get to the point that half of your team is dead, your chance of winning is slim anyway.

Entangle though, that would be a lot of problems for Maw. But we’re talking about post-300 Level here, so doing any rooms beside a single Epic one is not important.

That’s leave Viper’s charm as the next most dangerous thing, but that can be easily countered by Dawnbringer’s Barriers.


Depending on team comp, you don’t have to skip ever room past 300. I did every room in Hall of Guardians up until the low 400s where I got bored and went straight to the exit since the matches were taking too long and I was busy.


Snare gives ever skull hit from the enemy delve entangle.


Probably already discussed above but, what makes the “best” lv 20 farming delve? Is it just simply number of rooms or is there other factors to consider?


Number of rooms is the most important as it actually gives you the chances to get multipliers and chest upgrades.

After that, you’ll have to decide if multipliers for more stuff or better chance to get a higher level chest means more to you.

For example, Hall of Guardians doesn’t have a Legendary room, so all of those legendary battles aren’t available for gains.

As a hypothetical example, a 8 Rare room Delve is very likely to be less beneficial long term than a 8 room with a mix of everything, especially the Fey Cap room for 1.3x multiplier.


Yay, got my iPod!