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Rock Tunnel needs a buff on either the treasure gain or chest chance because as it stands, it gives 1.15 treasure multiplier with a 20% chance to upgrade… for an ultra-rare room… Sometimes it isn’t worth doing it especially on the higher difficulties when you need to avoid Rock Troll from slaughtering your front liner (Or Morana in Crypt Keeper).

That and… rock worms are deadly on the higher levels, similar with ice worms due to their high damage output and giving themselves their own mana.


300 All Faction Team while Treasure is only at 100, nice job.


Ice Worms have the advantage of being freeze-immune. Not nice.


It was a tense fight at 200 and I skipped a few rooms. I think I’ll just be using a normal team from here on out… maybe.

The rewards were not so hot. :roll_eyes:

Congratulations to everyone who has went higher than 200 with hoard level 100. No easy fight for sure!


Lol i did lv500 with hoard lv 100 but now i can’t make the faction troop only bonus i raised it to 149 but still getting destroy in first room. The damn healer and summoner is a pain to kill in mirror match


2200 is good enough for me from each faction. I will get 2500 in CK eventually for the achievement but that’s the only one.


I’ve got this:

Don’t think I’ll go any further though, the above took plenty of tries and I haven’t got a death wish. The faction team is not your friend in a mirror match.


Anyone else pulling faction troops from legendary tasks yet?


Yes, we had Silent Sentinel too, last week.


We had Genie’s Lamp in a legendary task.


Likewise. It was a pleasant surprise.


I wonder if using the faction weapon with hero counts as a faction troop. :thinking:


No it doesn’t, weapon counts for it’s kingdom and not the faction


Is weapon kingdom or your hero’s home kingdom used in that case anyway? If it’s the hero’s home kingdom then you technically won’t ever be able to use a weapon on a faction team.


Faction team tips for lvl500 Crypt Keepers?



I think you need to use multiple Lady Morana and get lucky, I haven’t tried it yet. 500 w/o faction team, yes.


Get hoard to at least 200 and then pray to Rngesus Lady Morana hits more often than not.


A prove for how awesome Yao Guai is!

I’m still struggling with how to move past Level 300 at Hall of Guardian without Bard Class, so I’m experimenting some new team build.

Right now I’m so addicted to Yao Guai + Yasmine’s Pride combo, as it provides both strong damage and high survival potential. I think it might even work all the way to Level 500 at All Seeing Eye and Crypt Keeper.

So, I’m a bit annoyed I can’t use Yao Guai at Hall of Guardian. He won’t be available in new Faction as well, so I really have to find a new reliable team soon.


I cleared 500 in Crypt Keepers with the team shown above - not my original design:

Mountain Crusher (9) w/ Titan class
Queen Aurora
Queen Mab
w/ Red/Blue banner


Made it to the Boss room with the Faction team at Delve 500 in the All Seeing Eye at Treasure Hoard 100.

Don’t have an answer to 126 Attack steal or 129 life gain from Watch Mother. Think it’ll come down to Xerodar casting and missing really badly while your O.Leech has 100+ atk…

Oh, and bumping up the Treasure Hoard of course.