Delve's Statistic

New Faction is coming this Friday, so it’s time to be prepared by calculating some Delve’s Statistic!

Inspired by @Ashasekayi, I created an Excel file to calculate each Factions’ data about Total Multiplier and Chest Upgrade Chance, all by just inputting number of each room types!

You can view the file here

Data include…

  • Min/Average/Max Total Multiplier
  • Average Chest Upgrade Chance
  • All info about previous Factions, and name of all the upcoming one!
  • List of all Delve rooms.


Hope you find this helpful! :grinning:


In The Warrens the room before the last one may vary from “II” to “IV”. Was in taken into account in the tables?

Yes, that room is a “garanteed Treasure Room”, as see on the table, and letter “T” on the map.

Of course if we wanted to be very particular we could also try to calculate the same numbers for “shortest paths” i.e. HoG being three rooms and Warrens being five (in two different ways).

And by “we” I mean “someone else” lol.

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That’s the bonus for having a customizable table, so everyone could just input the rooms’ data and easily got the info they needed. :grin:

I’ll include that tomorrow just for fun, after I got the data for new Faction to join the statistics.

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Quick question, is the Chest Upgrade Chance what the expected final Chest level will be?

This is great! I love how you have put all the map art together as well. Thank you :heart_eyes:


So this has been eating at me:

Are the sets of rooms each faction has different? Like, are the level II Hall of Guardians rooms “all level II” rooms, or just a subset?

I feel like it’s a subset, but I’ve been too lazy to try and collect data.

That data is not include bonus +3 upgrade from Hoard Quailty. So if you’re clearing all room in maxed out Factions, you expect around Delve Chest Level 7.

Thanks for the kind word, Cyrup! :blush:
I actually have that map screenshot just as a reference for number of rooms in each Factions. But got an idea and try to put the Legendary troop’s art in for fun. It looks more unique that way. So I also included that number line to make it more informative. ^^

No, it didn’t appear to work that way. All room of each rarity can be any room of it matching type, except Treasure Room. Tower of Doom also seems to work this way.

Although, there is one problem I didn’t work out yet. “Garanteed Treasure Room” is separated from the rest, so it’s easy to calculate, but there is also “Potential Treasure Room” as well. I didn’t fully know how it work yet, and dued to its unusual appearance, it’s hard to pinpoint where they are at each Factions as well, if they did existed there.

My guess right now for how it work is it will replace the room of matching rarity. For example, Cedric’s Hideaway in some normal Rare room, or Dragon Fountain in normal Epic room. That 2 rooms on the right side of The Warrens could be this type. Overall though, it shouldn’t affect overall statistic that much, as they’re quite rare.

Also, per Shimrra’s request…



  • Feb 1, 2019 : Fang Moor’s data is now included!
  • Mar 8, 2019 : Dark Pit’s data is now included!
  • Apr 3, 2019 : 4.3 version rooms updated
  • Apr 18, 2019 :

Announcement : Major update coming sooon!

Completed Faction Score calculator will be available at Mar 17, 2019, with the release of new Faction.

It’s almost complete now, missing only data about weekend Faction event stage rewards. All other parts is fully funtional. If anyone want to try it now, you can download it here. If you found any mistakes or got some requests/recommendations to make, please let me know!