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Delve was down today

Delve and the whole server was down today. My card behave weird, and l could not play in the Delve at all.

Are you talking about Emperinazar Faction Assault event? It worked okay for me.

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Everything worked fine on my end too. Is it working for you today? If not what exactly is happening? What platform do you play on?

today it is ok. l am struggling with the rescue pet. the last 2 levels are impossible to do at level 400… :frowning:

I gave it up.

Have you joined the GoW Alliance discord server? It’s easier to share teams there and have some back and forth dialogue. https://discord.gg/j3wfwH2 We will help you out. :slight_smile:

I don’t remember what level I was when I was finally able to do all 8 levels of a pet rescue. I think at 400 it’s doable? But I legit don’t recall. Worst case, if you have a devour troop like Glutmaw, you can rely on RNG. If he fails to devour and you die, try again, and keep trying until the RNG gods favor you.