Delve attempts not recovering

Hi I have arrived late to the delves playing but have noticed yesturday the time for more delve attempts was 6 hrs but today I have no attempts and it is saying it will be recovered in 9hrs This is in all delves kingdoms but one. Am i missing something or is this a glitch? Any help is appreciated

Which Factions is this happening in? At Daily Reset (7 AM GMT) your Delve Scrolls/attempts will reset for the day.

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Hi Cyrup thanks for reply I did all my factions yesterday and the only one that reset was the hall of guardians with 3 and the rest are still 0 attempt’s.

If you used all 3 and now it shows 0 scrolls at every faction, that is how it works.
You get 3 scrolls at daily reset and you can use them all in one faction or 2 in first faction and 1 in second faction, or all 3 in 3 different factions.



You get daily 3 tries in general, not for ALL factions.


Thanks jzg its funny as I did 2 in guardians and did go to another faction but it read 0. I will keep my eye on it and hope it fixes itself tomorrow. :slight_smile: