Delve chest inceases

Is there a way to increase delve room multiplier in order to obtain a higher level boss room chest? While on this topic does the level of chest hold better rewards or am I wasting time defeating all rooms?

The more rooms that you do, the higher your potential multiplier and boss chest level will be. Also, you can add guaranteed upgrades to boss chest level by upgrading your hoard quality.

You can find out how much defeating a room increases the multiplier by clicking the room card on the map. It also shows the % chance of upgrading the boss chest.

As for your last question, the difference between a level 5 boss chest and level 9 is that you get more rolls on the reward table with level 9. In other words, a level 5 boss chest gives you 5 rolls on the reward table and a level 9 chest gives you 9 rolls on that “same” reward table.


The delves in question have lvl 10 hoard quality, does increasing the hoard higher affect the multiplier?

No. 10 is the max for hoard quality.

Also, the highest a chest can go is level 10.

Also a higher level chest is better but it doesn’t always mean you get better rewards.

Every chest level gives you one prize. There are a lot of prizes but let’s simplify it and pretend it’s just gold, ingots, and glory. Maybe you really want ingots. So for you a “better” prize is ingots, and getting 10x gold is still “bad”. Chest level doesn’t help you in that way.

But in that imaginary system, there’s 3 prizes. A level 1 chest has only a 33% chance of giving you ingots. A level 10 chest is 10 different 33% chances, which is practically a 100% chance you will get some ingots. In this way, chest levels do help you.

So higher chest level is always “more prizes”, it’s just not a guarantee it’s the prizes you want.

I read somewhere that Multiplayer at the end is always rounded to full numbers where 2.5 is rounded up to 3 (same as 3.4 is rounded down to 3).
Is this correct?

Is it correct to say: “If I reach 2.5 and know that I will NOT reach 3.5 at the end I can go straight to the boss room to save time.”?
(This statement assuming I am only looking for the chest rewards - not the Gold I get for every room for example.)

It is rounded. But, I think it uses Banker’s rounding. It’s been a long time since I tested the values though.

Edit: It actually uses standard rounding according to Mithran’s observations.

That is somewhat true if you only care about ingots. For other resources such as shards, glory,… you still want to reach as high multiplier as possible

Delve chest base drops


Thanx! :+1:

To add to the information already given, 1 chest level = 1 drop “roll”, each roll is done and rounded separately the hoard multiplier is applied, and the drop is added to your rewards. The x.5 break points are most important for ingots because if you get a 2.5 + multiplier, every single ingot drop is increased to 3, and then hoard doubles with hoard quality 8+ it to 6, but if you get a 2.45, every ingot drop is decreased to 2, then doubled up to 4 with a hoard quality 8+. But I think the only faction where you can regularly hit below 2.5 with a 1.0 start is All Seeing Eye (don’t run that one for loot), and there aren’t many factions where you can regularly go to 3.5+ (City of Thieves happens the most, in my experience).

I once tried running a model where I’d only take some rooms and rush the boss after you meet a multiplier break point to see if it was purely more time efficient (ignoring limited availability of delve scrolls)… it only was on certain factions where taking a certain room meant I couldn’t single cycle it or a future room where I could before. Even if you are just after ingots, and within a break point threshold that isn’t going to change, the small chest upgrade chance is generally worth it.

Actually, delve chest loot uses standard rounding. I’ve landed on 2.5 multiple times and gotten 3 (6) ingot multiples out of it, and this fit the model for all the tests I was doing when initially figuring out delve loot.

And yeah, I find it frustrating that some things in the game use banker’s rounding, some use standard rounding, and some just use straight up truncation.

If you want a high multiplier and good chest level to maximize your loot and you are already doing full clears with level 10 hoard quality, the only other thing you can do to influence is where you run your delve. Unfortunately, leveling up the delve doesn’t affect how much treasure you can earn there (outside the first run at that level, which is not worth it long term), it only slows down your runs. City of Thieves and Silver Necropolis are both exceptional farming delves if you haven’t progressed them past level 20.


:fearful: there goes my understanding of the game.