Does the delve multiplier influence the chest rewards?

I know, it’s weird to ask this years after the concept has been brought in, but recently I heard conflicting statements and am starting to get really confused.

Does the multiplier in a delve run only influence the room rewards, with the chest content only raised by level, or do chests earn more, if your multiplier is higher?

The rewards from the Delve chest at the end of a particular delve are increased by the multiplier. You can reverse the math on those rewards and the numbers still make (some amount of) sense.

From my research 2 years ago, I can tell ya

  • neither multiplier nor chest level have a trackable impact on the rewards at the end

  • ingots, glory, gold and souls have a certain base value which can be kinda multiplied by something

  • chaos shards are completely out of any logic. Sometimes you get more shards with a lower multi/chest level sometimes you get less with a very high multi/chest level.
    It’s unpredictable and doesn’t follow any logical sense or multiplier

The only thing that seems to be given is, each chest level gives you one pick from the loot table

  • gold
  • glory
  • souls
  • 2 different ingot types
  • chaos shards

Each pick is completely random and every instance can be picked several times.

I suggest doing more research by reading this thread, especially mithran’s posts


Yes (what noob said) – it should realistically be saved as a guide or added to a wiki of some kind.

The above statements about randomness aren’t quite right – see mithran’s explanation two posts above in the link noob gave for more info.