Degraded server performance

cant log in

first degraded servers slow start then after bar creep across get message your game out of sync.

its an endless loop.

We are currently investigating our server performance.


Will we now have the same shit every monday?

I’m going to suggest that there are extenuating circumstances. This is the first time Raid content ever launched across the live servers. I suspect the devs will take a long hard look at Invasion before next week. After that, everything will have launched once, so hopefully no more surprises


I cant pass the loading screen. The few of my guild who have been able to load the game told me they had no GW rewards in mailbox. (xbox)

PS4 is broken as well can’t get past loading troops (first screen)

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Ah come on…we had the same situation last week after the update, so I guess devs could have known that new content needs to be tested better before this week

Cannot log in on Steam/PC either

There can be a few issues when features go out to tens of thousands of players as opposed to a smaller QA team.

This issue is effecting every platform and as such we are looking into it as a whole.


Ahhh when I got in I had a bunch of gems missing. Going to call it fir the night and truly hope that resolves itself.

EDIT: phew! All good.

To be honest, most users are expecting this to happen with new content at weekly reset time. My question is: Why on earth does the dev team not announce a pre-scheduled server downtime to release this content on closed servers to ensure stability once users have access to the content … That seems to be an industry-wide best practice, no?


I made it to the main map on the PS4 but it’s broken from there again

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Well I guess a smart move would be to open a beta server then where you could test with more then your QA team

Yep, managed to log on right after reset and i froze up, when i tried to load back… I can’t lol

No matter how much you test, you can not test fro thousands of people logging in.


There are surely ways to simulate the server load of thousands of players.

Well actually you can lots of games do it like destiny with an open beta but in this case it would have ruined the surprise so i get why they wouldn’t

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In case it helps: The servers -are- working a little bit. Some data keeps bleeding through in between error messages, it’s just extremely slow.

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@fastesttruck my sentiments as well

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Im talking in a closed environment. Open betas are usually for that exact reason lol.