Deconstruct Arcane Traitstone

It would be really useful if I could use the soulforge to deconstruct an arcane traitstone into the runic traitstones, souls, and celestial traitstones that are needed to create it. I was trying to create enough traitstones to fully trait Elemaugrim, when I accidentally created 13 extra arcane skull traitstones instead of the 13 arcane lava traitstones that I needed. :woman_facepalming: I can’t find any way to undo my mistake which is not user friendly at all. We have disenchanting for troops, so why not traitstones?


Advice from an endgamer: all traitstone recipes in the SoulForge are a newb-trap, so don’t use any of them.

You’re far better off in the long run farming for the individual stones you need.