Soulforge is broken

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In the Ghulvania kingdom, I’m trying to update the traits for the Vargouille card. The Undying trait requires 26 Minor Fire traitstones and 8 Major fire traitstones.
When I go to the Soulforge to make my traitstones, it says that you have to use 2 Major Fire traitsones to make 1 Minor Fire Traitstone.
However, to make one Major Fire Traitstone, you have to use 3 Minor Fire Traitstones.

Guess what? Those formulas simply bleed you of souls and you lose all the traitstones you tried to make. How does this even work? What happened to the Soulforge? These formulas make it useless, or worse, a complete ripoff.

I have uploaded my screenshots.
This is Gems of War on a Playstation 4 console.

General rule is don’t ever use Soulforge for traitstones. Just grind them for free :smiley:


My point is, this used to work. Since it is now broken, will it be fixed? Plus, your statement is not a general rule. There are videos and articles posted all over the forums and support pages that the SoulForge is an alternative place to use extra souls to create traitstones. So, no, this is NOT a general rule. It is a hidden “feature”.

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Or working as intended. Interchangeable terms. :smiley:

Why are you using both recipes? If you must craft them, just farm for Minors in Pridelands and craft the Major ones if you still need them when you hit your target.

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Lack of traitstones is like a lack of souls - it only happens for a short time and soon you will have so many you never need to struggle to get them again. But I remember the time I struggled - and found grinding in Casual PVP the fastest way to get them - I know many prefer Explores but I found that too boring and repetitive so just used PVP instead. However if you want to target a specific kind of traitstone than you can do it in Explores in the particular kingdom.

Then also opening chests - Gold chests can yield quite a lot of traitstones, and if you do a lot of PVP you get wings (which you do not get in Explores) and then with the wings you can also open Glory chests and get more traitstones there. The soulforge system is not too great - it takes a lot of resources.


There’s a hefty exchange fee involved. You can get a slice of bread for a bucket of water. You can also get a glass of water for a loaf of bread. The bank always wins, so make up your mind whether you are hungry or thirsty. And possibly avoid the bank whenever there’s any way around it.


I like to use the soulforge for the runic traitstones when I just need one or two to power up. Those seem the best deal to me especially compared to time spent grinding.

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Hasn’t it ALWAYS been like that?

In the event you are lacking Minor Traitstones only, this technically gives you an option to craft them (even though the recipe is admittedly not fair). I wouldn’t mind seeing a different Minor Traitstone recipe that involves non-Traitstone ingredients, but … I’m also at the point where I have an essentially endless supply of Minor Traitstones (it’s the Runic ones I’m always short on). If Minor Traitstone recipes were removed from the Soulforge entirely I would not complain.

Also compare literally every recipe to craft Arcane Traitstones – which require 2x Celestial Traitstones as an ingredient, despite that Celestial Traitstones are rarer drops than Arcanes (but, on the other hand, can be crafted directly, from just Jewels).