Debuffs tweak suggestion (Poison, Burn, Disease and more)


beside normal 50% chance to deal 1 true damage at the start of the turn, gain nextra effect:
lower healing (and life gaining) effects on the poisoned units by half


besides normal effect of lowering mana gain by half, gain extra effect:
a 50% chance to loose 1 mana

(New) Rusted / Corrosion

lowers armor gain by half and has a 50% chance to receive 2 armor damage at the start of a turn)


at the start of each turn receive damage depending on troops current rarity
(for example 1,2,3,4,5,6 for common,rare,ultrarare,epic,legendary,mythic respectively, alternatively for example 2,3,3,4,4,5)

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Disease is really awkward and non-intuitive. I wish they’d just called it mana leak and have the effects that you described.

Poison would be fine at guaranteed 1 life lost per turn until death/cleanse.

I disagree with your burn suggestion. The player shouldn’t be punished for levelling or ascending his troops.

Your rusted idea is good. Personally I’d call it corrosion and make the troop take 50% more damage to armor on skull damage and 50% chance to receive 2 armor damage at the start of the turn.

why not? its indirect way of scaling damage (instead of doing a % damage)

by the time players use higher rairty their stats increase so they can deal with higher damage more easily, that way the burn would spare low levels but still pose a threat on every game progression state

for now its just plain threat to low levels and not end-gamers, is that more fair?

i think having one debuff to actually pose more threat as you progress would be exciting change

added the name as an alternative, thanks