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Suggestions to scale Poison/Burn

Have Burn scale to Attack and Poison scale to Magic. Poison can scale 2:1 to Magic, and Burn can scale to the 3:1 to Attack? Anyways, I think that would make Burn and Poison part of the meta again, due to the absurd amounts of health and armor seen in-game. Thoughts?


I feel like the best scaling for poison is to damage 10% of current HP with a minimum of 1 at the 50% chance. That would allow it to scale through the entire game and would get slower as the troop gets more towards the 1 shot range of true damage.


Burn can (and should be) increased to 5.
Poison can be increased to 3 with 50% of happening everyou turn. It averages out at 1.5 damage per turn and it would need 20 turns to kill a 30 hp troop. Still to week. Maybe 1 true damage every turn? Sounds less rng and a bit better to me.

The main problem is those mechanics have been introduced in an era where total hp and armor were about 3 times smaller but haven’t been updated since. Which is sad because those 2 are very interesting.
@Sirrian and @Nimhain is there any possibility that burn will be increased to 5 and poison to do 1 true damage every turn?

Scaling up burn to flat 5 per turn would make it very strong for low-level play. Not sure that’s a great idea.


With those values, it would greatly affect Arena. I know a lot of you don’t play Arena, but right now with the Hero buff and if you increased burn to 5/turn, it would greatly hurt Arena. Yes, it would speed the matches up, but you would cause more players to turn away from Arena. Even some who enjoy it would turn away. These statements are strictly my opinion.

I could deal with poison damage each turn. I don’t believe that would be a game breaker.

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I stand corrected, I did not take arena into consideration since it’s been over half a year since I visited it (maybe more) so I totaly forgot about that aspect of the game. What if the burn would be scales down to 2 damage every turn, but wouldn’t go away, same like with poison?

I like the idea of having poison as true damage, it makes more sense thematically as well. Poison should directly affect health not the armor you are wearing. Have burn damage based off the number of red gems on the board :wink: 1:5. Something similar with poison use green. Both make sense as if there is more red on the board or aka fire more damage, same with poison.


Poison can scale to 10% Current Life HP, and be true damage. Acid could be introduced, which scales to 10% Current Total HP, Armor included.

The last buff they gave to poison {and i am not sure about burn} was that they could now kill opponents.

I have been trying to shoehorn Scale Guard into a team since forever, with little success. I love the idea of expanding the game in the direction you’re taking about!

Arena is one of my favorite things to do but if poison or burn got buffed I wouldn’t go near it ever again.

Poison doing 10% of a troop’s HP at 50% chance would have basically no effect on Arena. Anything with 19 or lower HP would still take the exact same damage they take now.


In that case I’m all for a poison buff. Most of the time I don’t even notice or care when one of my guys gets poisoned.

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Sounds like the poison buff would be something of a tank killer. It would pretty much destroy Drakuliss’ life steal.

As for burn effects, I think a scaling of 3-4 Attack to 1 point of damage would be a nice buff. It would do full base Attack of the Caster in 3-4 turns, with a slight chance for extra as it goes on, with a very low chance of double-triple damage. Or you could be unlucky and have extinguish on the very next turn doing a third or fourth total damage…

Poison is already true damage on ps4, burn is fine. Maybe just make poison a guaranteed hit instead of 50% and let it prevent healing or something. Stop asking for dmg buffs, powercreep danger is real.

i think 10% is a little too high, 5-8% maybe?

… it already does? and always have? :wink: (or at the very least, for a looong time).

And yeah any burn dmg increase would make it even more of a must-have-to-instant-win in arena than it already is, unless it simply wouldn’t be changed for the arena, only the “core” game itself.

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they already scale well, when you use traits that do double or triple skull damage against poisoned or burning troops.

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Burn is highly inconsistent with that because it tends to be gone before you get the time to hit the enemy with skulls.