New gem-transformer troop ideas

Momentary, he says. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the costs for effects are good. The thing to note is that none of these are scary dangerous, which is fine. I mean, the most dangerous targeted transformer we have is Hellcat … random damage, and its an Epic.


It’s still early morning here. I’ve not had my coffee so i’m not firing on all cylinders yet. :sweat_smile:

That’s my excuse and i’m sticking to it.


Ha, you also deleted the posts which makes me look like I am talking to myself…

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Alright for context to anyone reading this thread, I thought some of the traits that Jainus put on these troops were new. So I asked him to explain them.

Feel free to have a laugh on me everyone. Get your jollies out now. I am awarded no points, and we are all now dumber for having read it.

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‘Flying’ was a special one. Make sure your coffee has a lot of sugar in it :wink:

Back on-topic: I note that the new transformers I added would create some new looping combos. Any combos (loops or otherwise) catch anyone’s eye?

Furfur with Jarl Firemantle? Kitsune with Forest Guardian? Myrmidon with Rowanne?

What do people think about obvious loop pairs? I used to think this was a bad idea (and e.g. Hellcat’s choice of colours when we already had Alchemist was a daft idea) - but now I use the loops extensively, and surmise (1) they’re not too strong, in fact they go wrong quite easily, and (2) they take skill to employ, which should be respected.

posted my way of how id like burn and poison to be refreshed/buffed :slight_smile:Debuffs tweak suggestion (Poison, Burn, Disease and more)

Prodding a few of our more erudite correspondents for thoughts on these?

@lyya @gouki @Shimrra @Tacet @Zelfore @yonizaf @htismaqe

(and no offence meant to anyone unintentionally snubbed by not prodding…)

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I think combos like that are a core part of the game. More of them would be fine.

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i actually like obvious loop combos, as they already exist in game i think its nothing wrong to allow a wider range of choice of them

(but im also one of the few who actually dreams of releasing another mercy type of troop in game)

If you’d like my opinion on more loop-able troops, I can’t see how they could negatively impact the status queue anymore than the current ones do. Transformers are a case of, “Once it’s done, it’s done.” Meaning the moment Alchemist, Valkyrie, and Giant Spider had been approved, any more additions wouldn’t be able to drive the point any deeper.

As it stands, it’s already theoretically possible to create an infinite loop between Alchemist / Hellcat (Throw in a Mercy for max effect) and Green Seer / Giant Spider. So any further additions wouldn’t change that fact.

If you’d like my opinion on the conceived troops:

Furfur should probably lose his ability to inflict spell damage, as Hellcat already does this randomly, and only to a singular troop. Everything else is fine, though maybe instead of Fireproof, consider Insulated. It’d offer the unique aspect of being a transformer that can’t be frozen.

Basilisk is simple and it works just fine as such. I like how it’s implied to raze the land it treks upon to lifeless dirt.

Kitsune is unique and I really like the creativity put into its spell. It’s also an interesting competitor/provider to Spirit Fox.

Mandrake looks like a fun alternative to Green Seer, it’s alternate mana spectrum likely being it’s primary reason to choose it over her. Though I’d probably say turn it’s rarity up to an Epic if only to avoid further Runic Blade abuse in Arena. Or have something done about Runic Blade, that could work too.

Myrmidon looks good. I like his synergy with Rowanne. Alastair, Templar and Royal Engineer welcome him!

Harridan I like, she’s better a Giant Spider without the crappy summon! :grinning: Though she’d probably end up closer to an 11 or 12 mana cost.


Overall, I like the ideas and appreciate how none of them expressly step on the toes of our present transformers. I feel the game could really benefit with more options for team comp and synergy.

Having a tough Blue legendary in your setup and immediately thinking, “Now, how can I incorporate Valkyrie into this.” I feel hasn’t provided the healthiest mentality to players. Whether more transformers would be the means to remedy this, I can not say. But it couldn’t make it worse.


I also wouldn’t find issue with more immediate transformers like Mercy. She’s almost entirely phased out of Defend Teams as it is and is predictably counterable when she does show up.


Pretty much agree with what Zelfore said regarding the general state of Looping/transforming. It has been a part of the game forever now, without breaking it, and it is a playstyle loved by many, me included.
If anything, adding more diversity to the roster of looping pairs(or triplets even) will freshen up this part of the game and allow for players who enjoy that playstyle to be able to pick troops they also like thematically/rpg/art-wise (fe. i am not a fan of hellcat thematically, but i really like Furfur aka Jarl-Firemantle-Fanclub-leader-chapter-Broken-Spire).

Also i really hope the Devs will expand on the dual transformers in the future. Infernal King and Forest Guardian spells are very fun and engaging to game around and the game needs more of that kind.

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Excellent points from Zelfore. (Re the PS:) I was sort of looking at the ‘more like Mercy’ concept in abject horror given what she did to the game for a while, but that’s just it, its not really that way now is it…

I don’t think simple looper pairs are intrinsically bad, though with a smarter AI they’d have the potential to really destroy the fun of the game. Since that cat is out of the bag with Spider/Seer and Alchemist/Hellcat, it’s up to the dev team to ensure the AI remains fun should it get revamped.

More color combos opens up the other two troops for interesting “finishers” that are not possible with the duo loopers we currently have.


I was aiming for less damage than Hellcat, washing the first two troops.

I like.

Nah, doesn’t feel Epic.

Would be the appropriate action.

Will think on that.

I’d like that too. When I get time, I will add a couple.

Wow I love all of those!!!

Especially could see myself using kitsune and myrmidon. Mandrake feels a bit weak because 1 true damage is basically nothing and poison is dramatically underpowered. All the rest seem like great additions

While this is technically true, I would rather have more transformers and less useless troops that have been coming out weekly that do pretty much the same basic thing as other cards (damage or support utility), most of which are useful to early to mid game players, forgetting about endgame.

This will at least spice up our current teams, even for end game players, and allow more diversity rather than being pigeon holed into the same transformers just because there isn’t another option.

So yes, technically it is unnecessary, but I personally would love to see more of them to spice the game up a bit.


Yeah great point. I’d rather have somewhat useful troops, than the troops we’ve been seeing come down the pipeline.

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I would like Mini Bone Dragons that created mana of the color troop hi strips of armor.

Interesting idea… but needs careful handling because of Armour scaling… can’t have ever-increasing numbers of gems being spawned… let’s see what they do to fix the BD first…

@zelfore @Shimrra I added two further ideas to the OP for Mercy-style transformers… pasting here too…

(edited to update the Garuda idea)


Epic Dragon’s Claw Elemental Strix Green/Yellow
Spell: Twister 13 mana
Deal [Magic+?] damage to a random enemy and switch their place with another random enemy. Transform all Brown gems to Red to boost the damage (ratio 2:1).
Traits: Agile, Fire Brand, Empowered


Epic Maugrim Woods Fey Wargare Brown/Yellow
Spell: Brawn 14 mana
Give a target ally +[Magic/2+?] Attack and Armour. Transform all Blue gems to Green to boost the effect (ratio 3:1). Give the ally +5 mana.
Traits: Wargare Bond, Bark Skin, Empowered

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We already have a Garuda troop coming in Suncrest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Spoilers :smiley:

I edited it to replace name/theme slightly… He can be a Strix hero that trains with the Dragons :smiley:

And @Nimhain your Garuda had better have Naga Slayer trait… or will be sending the mythological-correctness police around…