Dead Men Tell No Tales

A green/blue exploder with the little extra. Simply great! :slight_smile:


I’d assume he will work like every other multi-effect board mod troop and not resolve matches until all spell effects are done, meaning the spawned skulls will basically be just a bit more damage because they get exploded and not matched (and less mana, meaning you actually probably don’t want to spawn that many skulls). We’ll know in a few hours (or sooner, if the devs want to give us confirmation :slight_smile: ). Either way, I’m glad to finally have a green mana using unconditional mass-exploder, which is something we didn’t have up to this point, and a less-restrictive blue mana using mass exploder than Poison Master (and MUCH lower cost than Abynissia).



I hope you made it to Disney World and not just Disney Land.

Cool. Nice troop. Might even use it depending on how well it scales. Over-the-top pirate story too. What’s not to like…

Agree. Two years ago I’d have loved to have this guy to team with Gorgotha and Carnex. Now, not so sure…

What’s wrong with Gorgotha/TDS/Skullbeard? What changed in the last two years, besides traits?

Nothing wrong with it much, but as @mithran points out above, this guy won’t work that efficiently… and no way this guy will be better than using mathematically-objectively-overpowered Krystenax for the blue-green…

One suggestion: Skullbeard should have a (small) chance of giving a map as well… I wonder if (like Tyri) he also changes the max number of maps…


From what I’ve seen so far, Imps supposedly switch places the same time as a new Mythic release. As such, it is probably Friday, April 7th.

If anyone knows otherwise, please correct.


Wow, just realised this is our first Epic weekly (glory) troop since Lady Ironbeard on Feb 13th. I’d forgotten double arcanes was a thing!


YEA I guessed the bonuses correctly. :grin: Rogues and blackhawk.

And a TH Snots event… well a little variety is fun…

It awards 3 Lil’s. I mean im missing only 1 for mythic, but someone maybe missing more.

Just nitpicking again :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok got the new troop. Mythiced him. Tossed a bit of souls and took him for a spin. Winced several times when I got a 4-5 skull match but got detonated. That is very painful IMHO when you’re having troops with around 70-80 attack and that can bash a troops face in. But damn good mana feeder to the team. 10/10 would use as a mana feeder troop only

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Good story. I enjoyed reading it. :slight_smile:

Love the lore, was a fun read, thanks!

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I don’t like this week event/update :

  • Treasure hunt AGAIN.
    Last time feels so recent. Instead of 1 stone every 10 turns, it could have been, 1 stone per red chest for example, just for a change. Or 1 stone for 4+ matches of any kind of chest ?
  • Update brings only one new troop to Black Hawk.
  • Skullbeard 3rd traits makes no sense
    (2 blue troops to explode one extra gems, skulls created are not affect by his magic)
  • No troop balance update
  • Event part that request you use Skullbeard is AGAIN about PvP

But keep up the good job, the event system is GREAT, it brings change, and change is good :slight_smile:


Again a great event troop with great potential usability still when the event is over, which is not a given for many event troops.
On the subject of treasure map based mechanics, while not as important for Skullbeard, a troop like lil’ Johnny Bronze really needs a way to reliably create at least one treasure map. With just his base skull creation of 8 he mostly ends up handing the enemy ammunition to destroy you.
One reliable treasure map would do wonders in this troops usability maybe bind it to a oneshot troop like Great Maw with a hefty spellcost and effect(no devour though please^^) that can only be used once to prevent straight up farming of maps.