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Dark channel, 3rd trait on sorcerer class and creeping death (mark)

Hey guys.
Can anyone else test this. I finally got the third trait on the sorcerer class, dark channel. This is supposed to have a 50% chance to give magic every turn. However, I’ve played 20 games and it’s worked once! Also as I’m using this with the creeping death weapon, I’d have expected more than one troop to die from deathmark but this has not been the case. Please investigate! I’ve waited ages to get this combo and it’s not working properly in my opinion.

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Deathmark did not get updated so it still has a 2 turn delay. Dark channel was working fine last time I used the sorcerer class but I can’t say for sure now. I’ve been working on orbweaver.

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Can you suggest a last troop please? I’m using soothsayer as the last troop as dark channel rarely does anything. Giant spider, creeping death, green seer and soothsayer.

Soothsayer is a good choice. My creeping death team is hero, valk, wight, giant spider.

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Right, I’ve played around 40 games this morning and dark channel activated about three or four times only! Also deathmark only killed three troops, possibly four from memory. This isn’t right.

I played against a sorcerer class in pvp earlier and dark channel activated several times. Unfortunately deathmark is a lot more likely to wear off than kill. It will be better when they remove the delay.

It’s bizarre why it’s not activating for me then!

Are you on ps4? I play on the xbox. Maybe it’s a little different on the ps4…

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I’ve tagged alphaeon and sirrian as there’s something really amiss here! I’ve wanted this hero class/weapon combo for months ever since I watched tacet’s video!

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Same here! I watched Tacet’s video about creeping death. I grinded out the necromancer class to get the weapon and leveled up my sorcerer class. I’m disappointed because the delay was supposed to be removed on deathmark. It doesn’t seem great right now…

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It’s still a better combo than most to beat the mythic troops. I had more success with the line up I posted above.
Tacet is using gorgotha, giant spider, creeping death and mist stalker. I don’t have a granite skin gorgotha though.

Yeah just you Dan. My sorcerer 3rd trait works fine with Crescendo. Looks like maybe a bug or some terrible luck with activating the trait.

Yeah I wont use creeping death until its fixed.


Well it’s been working properly ever since your reply! I can’t understand what happened but It just started working. I ended up ranked 101 last week pvp, long story (I won as the event ended at 101) and was winning almost every battle and ended up with around 9k battle points. I’m not doing that again, it’s just not worth it for the meagre reward. Sorcerer class is fun though.

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