Daily Troop Discussion!


Add: and randomly split my life and attack among my allies.


Can be a useful troop in Arena, which is where He really only needs to shine,only thing I’d change is he needs to give glory on death!


Some great suggestions here, makes me proud.


His cast should give glory, as he dies gloriously.


I thought merchant’s blade was supposed to give glory and I was disappointed to see that it didn’t. This could be a unique troop, the only way to get glory aside from pvp. Great idea.


Yes please. I’ve suggested it too in Jainus thread.


I know we don’t need anymore RNG but I feel that Dwarven Slayer needs to live up to his name. His ability should have ‘33% chance to destroy the target’ on top of his suicide damage. And should double the Glory reward for the battle too :wink:


And change the spell name to Raining Blood


Glory income should be a mistake because everyone will force themself to put him in their team to farm glory (you can buy Event keys with glory so no way that devs give us this possibility)… Remember Valkyrie when she was the only soul generator?

Add maybe “Destroy all the board” so he can die and fill the other troops. Or “20% to ressurect”, like the Dwarf Gods give him a 2nd chance.


It obviously can’t be scaled on Magic. If his cast gives 2 or 3 glory per cast, it wouldn’t break anything.


Yeah the glory gains from pvp are already pitiful when compared to collecting tributes hourly.


And console peeps can’t do that as much, so I don’t see a problem with it. I have never ever used fizz. Offence, or defence. There, I said it.






It should transform gems to one of its own colors so it self-loops and maybe have a slightly higher summon rate. Then you’d have an unending stream of winged bison. Would be a fun mechanic without being obviously OP and a decent transformer + summoner could see some use in GW.


I faced one of these in arena yesterday and it was quite difficult to get rid of it, lol.

Converting purple to red is unique and I like that, even if it doesn’t feed into itself. I think the concept as well as the summon rate is fine, maybe increase the boost ratio to x5.

The only big change I suggest is enraging itself when casting. It would make it quite a threat since it can’t be entangled.


More bloody unnecessary turquoise, ffs.
The idea above is decent. I’ll go with that.


Thinking about the Enrage mechanic, how about a new trait that would “Enrage when I take damage”. Call it Bull-headed or something like that. Introduce it to the Winged Bison then disseminate to other troops - perhaps make it a Tauros race trait.


Yeah this cow can be annoying in Arena I’ve found. think I once seen three on the screen at once. :wink:

Having it self loop would be a bad idea in that mode I’d think. Otherwise as suggested enrage worked in there somehow seems to fit thematically.

Tauros as a race getting enraged I would support. :grin: Ketras be even more of a beast out front!






I think the Dungeon version is actually balanced - give him 100% skull dmg reflect with his Thorns trait. Perhaps he can steal a bit more attack also, perhaps scale it at 1/4 of his Magic stat instead of the flat rate.