Daily Troop Discussion!


I agree with you @Emos, his 3rd trait needs help.
The only other buffing Gloom Leaf needs is to make his attack steal scale with magic, remember when he used to be one of the best legendary troops during the days where traits and advance leveling (over 15) didn’t exist yet?


I find Gloom Leaf to be quite a threat, so I aim to kill it before he gets a cast off. I agree that his 3rd trait is too weak. 100% reflect should be enough.


I sometimes use him in gw in an impervious team with carnex on red day. I think he’s about right now, maybe a touch more reflective damage.






Personally not a fan. Gains attack, but is a very bad top troop. True damage fixed at 4 is pretty useless. Third trait is hilariously bad.

It’s a shame that webspinner already has the trait for 4x skull damage against poisoned troops.

Spell should increase life as well as attack, and drop a the 4 true damage. I’d also change 3rd trait to disease instead of poison.


Both Venoxia and Shadow Dragon could be great dragons when it comes to dealing true damage. But both needs a major rework.


Everything about Venoxia is very bad. very very bad.

Unreliable split cast
Fixed low true damage
Gains attack but isn’t designed to be a skull basher
3 Traits that don’t help it much
May have the worst Legendary Trait

to be fair, it wasn’t good before it got traits either.


Solid points here.


When it comes to Venoxias 3rd trait, a rework like this could work: Poison and Disease a random enemy troop upon 4-5 gem matches. But spell need a major update too.


I don’t think even that updated 3rd trait would save Venoxia. You’d have a better chance turning Venbarak into a Legendary, applying that poison + disease as a 3rd trait, and turn Venoxia into an Epic. At least then Venoxia might get a decent 3rd trait.


Venoxia os currently one of the worst legendaries but I like that he’s based around poison and true damage.

Make him deal Split true damage based on his attack, that change alone would make him somewhat viable.


Lets make Venoxia great at least, we at endgame needs some new troops.


One of the worst dragons in the game, Venoxia badly needs help, here’s my suggestions for her.

  1. Make true damage scale with magic (to go along with gaining attack)
  2. Lower the mana cost to either 15 or 14
  3. Make her 3rd trait poison a random enemy on green gem matches (kinda like Sheggra burning a random enemy on red gems)


But still, even take away poison a random enemy on 4-5 gem matches to make her disease a random enemy troop on 4-5 gem matches would be better than its now. Then adding both poison and disease a random enemy troop on 4-5 gem matches, is not too bad. Disease is also one of the best status effects in the game.


I guess something needs the poison random enemy trait and Venoxia drew the short end of the stick. The problem is that poison in its current state isn’t good and random application makes it even less usable. Once you poison something, it doesn’t need to get poisoned again most of the times, making it even MORE useless.

If it was up to me, I’d make poison a random enemy on 4-5 match a universal trait, move that to the 2nd slot, and give a random stat gain each time something takes poison damage as Venoxia’s 3rd Trait.

Then… I’d completely get rid of Venoxia’s current spell and try something new. Anything. Even summoning a poisoned Bunninog would be better. (half-joking)


Make him deal Split true damage based on his attack, boosted by poisoned enemies at a x5 boost ratio. There, instawin for early game players.


What I meant was, lets not focus on making all the troops that is on the bottom of the sea a minor better, lets make some of them viable for endgame players as well.


I knew what you meant, sorry if it came out wrong, I was going to suggest boosting his true damage based on poisoned enemies right from the bat, but I really think it would make him OP


I agree that weaker status effects traits like Venoxias 3rd trait could be moved up to the 2nd slot. And then make something worthy in 3rd spot.


would be nice. The Poison Master might actually be a master of poison one day.