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Daily Troop Discussion!

Each day I will name a troop that we will discuss around. The troops I will list might be random, but more often than not it will be troops that could need a little bit of love. The idea with this is to make an interesting discussion for the Devs to read without it comes out to be too overwhelming to read. We tried before so no need to show me the threads, do you hear me @jainus. :wink:

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Mana cost of Artema could be taken down from 16 to 14. Skill could be boosted by Centaurs and Wildfolk.

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I would like to see the 2nd trait buffed to 75%

That would be like Orions Legendary trait… Then Orion needs a 100% Armor Piercing legendary trait :stuck_out_tongue:

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I could agree to that!

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Imagine Guild Wars with a such Orion lol, one skull and we lose a troop… :stuck_out_tongue:
Well lets take Orion later, for now Artema.

You guys remember the True Shot days? I don’t think we really want them to come again.


I am neither sure if I want them to come back. :wink:

Artema is a very good card, but people don’t play it because they prefer gorgotha. It doesn’t mean it needs changed at all and frankly I’m surprised it isn’t used more.


I have to disagree, if she was a very good card ppl would had used her a lot more, and we would have seen her a lot more in PvP.

Yeah, if we had it on console I’d definitely use her, 40% Agile with armor piercing… Great with skull spam

Meta in console and PC is much the same, except you have tons of Mab teams because of the broken Justice. I dont see how Artema ever could reach the PvP defense teams nor many used her to invade with with her currently stats.

Have tacet put up a vid raving about it and I’m sure it’ll be an emergent meta overnight when the trendy sheep tune in.

It has its time and place and I would not want to see it empowered.


The problem isn’t with gem spawn per se, it’s the AI. For example, the ai is Smart enough to cast mab before taking the 4matches of blue, and will ignore skulls more often than not.
I know we have customisable AI for defending in PvP, but it doesn’t work during GW. Still it doesn’t behave like the PC

Who is saying that Artema should get empowered?


10 char

Umm… I thought you meant the trait, empowered…

I doubt you would had used Artema much if she came on console tho. Possibly a few matches, thats how she stinks.

I don’t think people realize how powerful agile is, 40% is near broken, we have sylvasi with barskin+Agile, I can’t wait to have it traited, he’s top tier for 1st slot, I don’t t understand why people don’t use him more.
It was the same with Psion, took a while but meta has recognised his worth