Daily Troop Discussion!


No worries brudda. I like the idea of Venoxia and Shadow Dragon doing some good true damage in their spells. if Venoxia also had her 3rd trait as her 2nd trait, and Shadow dragon had disease a random enemy troop on 4-5 matches in his 2nd trait. It would be open up for some nice legendary 3rd traits for both. look at Shadow Dragons 3rd trait, its even worse than Venoxias…


I think people are forgetting that Venoxia isn’t designed to be a frontline attack troop or damage dealer but support troop via mana generation, the poison and AOE true damage help to keep barriers removed.


Then she shouldn’t gain attack from her spell


Make it gain life instead, boosted by poisonned ennemies, make 2 trait Huge.


I could write multiple paragraphs on why Venoxia doesn’t work on a troop currently, but what it basically boils down to is the risk/reward ratio for the spell is way off. Taking the non-RNG components of the spell, you get an attack buff when the troop would die too quickly up front to make use of it, and true damage minor enough as to actually be overall detrimental in some cases. The biggest “reward” you get is self feeding and getting some blue. The biggest risk you take is feeding a ton of both blue and green to your opponent. It doesn’t help that Venoxia has to compete with Kraken, who is a “safer” spawner overall with much bigger RNG rewards.

First and foremost, Venoxia’s role needs to be decided, and it needs to have properties that let it fit into that role. Is it a growing threat first or second slot? Status synergy? AoE true damage? Mana feeder? Self looper? Which of these is most important to its identity? If it does all of these things well, it is blatantly overpowered, but right now, it really does none of them well.

Thematically, we should start with the poison and build from that. This is what the kingdom is supposed to be most known for. This is one of very few dual spawning self-loopers and I also would consider that part of its identity, however, this alone is going to cap its effectiveness. We can at least make it consistently do something, though. The attack gain seems the least relevant thematically (and pragmatically), but also has two of the three traits supporting it and is the biggest component of the spell. Having full scaling AoE true damage and arcane and self looping and feeding troops that can feed it would obviously be a mistake, so I’d strike that right away - it would need to be half scaling at most, maybe even scatter damage, depending on the focus.

Given all that, I’d like to see one of the following:
Support oriented true damage:
Noxious Gas: 15 Green/Purple. Create 8 green and 8 blue gems, boosted by poisoned enemies (1:1). Deal [magic + 4] true damage randomly split amongst enemies and reduce their attack by 4.
Traits: Indigestible, Huge, Miasma.

True Damage oriented support:
Noxious Gas: 14 Green/Purple. Create 9 green and 9 blue gems. Deal [magic / 2 + 1] True Damage to all enemies, and 5 more if they are poisoned.
Traits: Arcane, Huge, Miasma

Venoxia type from Dragon to Naga/Dragon for even better synergy with the mythic.

Values are intentionally left low here because of the self looping potential. We can’t have Venoxia team wiping in three casts when it can trivially chain three casts in a row by itself, even if each cast is “risky”.


@Eika what troop we doing today brudda?






I think all she needs is increase the red gems she creates from 6 to 8. Otherwise she is a gangsta!


She is okay in any teams that creates red such as IK etc, but I wish she was a little more undependable on such troops, so she can be in other teams as well without heavily backfire. Your suggestion is good tho, increase from 6 to 8. I do say 9. :wink:


I would be good with 9


I kind of like Sheggra where she is. Useful and powerful in the right circumstances, risky otherwise. To me, this is the ideal place on the power curve, but of course YMMV.





ymmv = your mileage may vary


Ahh… Thank you @Ashasekayi i am bad with those things lol


I think I agree with Lyya - Sheggra is pretty good as she is. Can still deal a massive ass-whooping. I think pyromania doesn’t really work for her though. Wish there was a non-red troop with pyromania!


ah, have to disagree, but thats life. She is good in a few teams, mostly because of IK or Hellcat.


sheggra is very valuable in skull spam team as far as i know. used her team many time before. great with courage, even better before courage nerf. not good in this current meta though. too much entangle.


Fair enough! I think it’s ok for her to depend on hellcat - most troops need a mana generator to be effective. Sheggra also works well in a dragon team with TDS. Plus, she only costs 14 so is cheap compared to the other skull generators.


Fair enough, I see all your points, but still I expect something more. Sadly if we ever gonna see a rework or most of the time, there has to be a solid majority that wants it. So we will never see any rework on Sheggra, in my opinion crazy annoying, but it is what it is…


Eh I think she’s fine as is on the power curve, perhaps could generate another gem. Anyone know what the specs on the Dungeon version is? Some of those (Borealis, Gloom Leaf, Dokken Elf) seem to be actually balanced for actual PvP play.