Daily Troop Discussion!


He has both Indigestible and Undying, so a pseduo-impervious when it comes to instakill mechanics. The reason he won’t “counter” a meta kraken team is because they are so very much faster and can easily punch through him in a single turn, even if he has already life drained and halved the magic of one of them.


You are totally right, again.






Never cared much for the random OR effect troops and this one is no exception. Main problem with this one being that the three different random effects accomplish three different things and thus you’d likely alter your target if you knew which one you are getting and two of them are at odds with the third, since the transform will wipe out any stat debuffs. On defense, the unblockable transform is annoying enough to be a functional instakill and force a retreat, but on offense, you still have to kill the transformed troop, but the transform is the most unique thing she has (and magic debuffing has been proven not to be much of a threat reducer amongst many meta troops). I’m not sure what to do with her while keeping her identity in a way that wouldn’t be both not really all that effective to use but annoying to fight against.

If I were to give her a redesign, I’d change her to “Deal [Magic + 3] damage to an enemy, and double if they are a Human. Halve their attack and magic. If the enemy dies, summon a Giant Toad” Increase her magic to about 12 at level 20, for 25-50 spell damage in addition to a sizeable debuff. Thematically, you’d be basically still “cursing and turning enemies into frogs”, but the frog would appear on your team instead and she could at least consistently do something.


One crucial thing about Night Hag is that the transform effect chance isn’t even 33%, it’s less than that IIRC. The same with Spooky Imp, the transform chance isn’t 50%.

I don’t mind the randomness and I really like the transform mechanic. I only wished that there was a part of her ability that wasn’t random, like dealing some damage or getting a slight buff to herself. It wouldn’t be too much for 13 mana.


I was wondering, cant we just make his spell to Transform an enemy troop into a level 12 Giant Toad, only. Quite annoying spell it would have been I agree, but luckily he can only transform one troop at a time. Thats my best shoot on it tho…


Transform an enemy into a LVL 12 toad os even better than an instakill, you can’t even summon something in its place.

One idea that would rework her completely, so I’d actually prefer that it would be a new troop is: Transform an ally into a random beast (or some other race, although beast would be apropriate IMO).


« Transform an ennemy and myself into a giant toad »






his most legendary trait currently is magic link.

mostly i use it as support for DS. his spell is good for that. but if they remove poison and lower the cost, i won’t be oppose to that.


What a cool-looking card. I love the art. It’s a shame the ability and third trait are both so lackluster.


Yeah, hes among the coolest looking dragons in the entire game, if not the coolest. He should be powerful not meh…


Change random enemy to target enemy. Change attack gain on purple matches to magic gain.


I would like to see almost a total rework on him tho. I dont like much about him, except from the turn yellow gems into purple.


Just rework third trait.


Why 3rd trait only when so much can be done to his spell? Hes a legendary.
The only good thing he currently has in his spell is the yellow to purple convert. The 20 true damage to a random troop is terrible bad for a Legendary.


I agree here. Poison could use some better synergies still to give some bite to his “poison all”, still, especially with so many troops being immune to it now, it could really use some synergies at least approaching the level of what Burning got. I’d imagine him as hugely threatening if he got the Sekhma treatment and gained 2 magic on purple matches, especially since he can self loop and does true damage. With targeting and the magic boost, two casts in a row has a chance of killing a troop, with a good chance of regaining some mana and/or keeping the turn, and with link, he is still a purple battery (which is more or less what I use him for now).


Dwarven Slayer




There are better one-shot kill troops than this dude, like with most other Dwarves, they badly need some buffing or reworking.


Slayer should Death Mark his target, for a second chance if his damage doesn’t kill.