Daily Troop Discussion!






I don’t ever use him, but the ability to give Carnex 42 attack and armour isn’t terrible. Elemental Slayer though - what is that doing there in his traits?!


I always liked Sparkgrinder, but no longer find him viable at end game. Would he be MORE enticing as a Healer? Maybe he increases ATTACK and LIFE instead?

As for the Elemental Slayer @Whiskeyjack, I think it should be BEAST Slayer, he is obsessed with killing those darn cats!!! :crying_cat_face:


Elemental Slayer is a weird trait, thematically. Where does it even fit? I suspect Sparkgrinder got it because they needed to put it somewhere.


Useful on early-to-mid game but quite pointless for end-game players, especially when we got the guardians like Justice or Honor to buff Mechs.


I hate his voice so much that I’ll never use him no matter how much he’s buffed. If he happens to come up on an opposing team, he’s the first one I’ll kill just so I don’t have to hear anything but his death cry.




So what you are indirectly saying is that you want a nerf when it comes to his voice? :joy:


No, a buff so he doesn’t sound like such a whiner.


Have him grant 2 magic in addition to his other buffs (in addition to still also doubling all these on mechs). Remove Elemental Slayer for Fire Link or Invention. Change his typing from Dwarf to Dwarf/Mech (I think he qualifies thematically and from the art).






I have seen some mixed reviews on him, so I thought a discussion would be cool even if he is pretty new. By the way, I cant wait for a female Apocalypse troop!


Although I don’t have him, he looks quite average at best, maybe if some undead troops (half of them he summons are useless garbage) get some buffing and/or reworking then Xathenos will be quite useful. Until then, I’ll save my souls & crafting material for now.


Also don’t have him. I guess stealing half an opponent’s magic is useful against certain teams, but actually the most meta troops don’t need a high magic stat, and similar to web, stealing magic doesn’t help much. He’s currently bottom of my crafting list!


Xathenos is not fast by any means, but he’s one of the most resilient troops in the game. Any battle against him can change to his favour in just a couple of turns.


Xathenos is fun, but not worth the extra crafting cost.

Its actually a pretty decent troop if paired with another True Damage dealer and if you’re not relying on it to summon troops to win games. Once it casts 2-3 times, it’s a troop worth acknowledging.

Its biggest problem is its first cast takes too long for its damage output.

Key issues: Mana cost, bad 3rd trait. (so mainly, its identity)

Something like Enchant all Undead Allies on 4 or 5 match would go a long way to making this troop more interesting.


It should have been War :cry:

I met a 5000 points team with a Xathenon aboard. Does the experience matter?


I agree with you, War or Famine, any of them, should have at least a womanly armor. Since they are undead gender is harder to detect…


Pratchett-Gaiman’s “Good Omens” War.

“The men in the room suddenly realized that they did not want to know her better. She was beautiful, but she was beautiful in the way a forest fire was beautiful: something to be admired from a distance, not up close.

And she held her sword, and she smiled like a knife.”


Don’t have him yet. I could probably fit him in a Guild Wars rotation where I could be forced to take a defensive stance. The thing about him is the situations where he is designed most useful are less and less common with the way most meta teams work.