Daily Troop Discussion!


If only the AI was smart enough to actually create a 3 or 4 skull match with his spell :wink:

I also remember the original Puzzle Quest had a Super Skull that gave +5 dmg when matched - perhaps if Az created a Black Skull that would boost damage when matched (double dmg perhaps?)


Hmm. Well, I used to say that Aziris was the worst card in the game. Then The Dragon Soul came out, and I couldn’t trait Aziris fast enough for a soul farming team! So as long as he is the only troop with Magic Link and Necromancy, I expect people will use him to soul farm in explore.

As an actual offensive card, even before TDS existed I remember people would defend him. I can see how he might occasionally be useful for making a skull match and an extra turn. But personally there are many other better cards with his colours that I would prefer to take out in PvP so I have never used him for a ‘competitive’ battle. He is hilarious to play against though!

To make him better, I think he needs an easier condition to get his mana back. It’s not like he gets an extra turn, just his mana back.

OR how about he also enrages the first enemy before the skull is created?


I still would’nt have used him. Maybe he could be able to create 2 skulls instead of 1?


That would be nice, but currently no spell can have 2 targets chosen by the user


Aziris should create 3 skulls in a peasant like shape. :skull::skull::skull:
That would also ensure that the AI would at least get a skull match with his cast.

3 skulls would allow for a lot of board control so I guess his mana cost should be raised to 8 or 9.


That can be changed I think?


If only it was any other color.
Guardians can pick Skull as a Gen.
So, you cast Purple Guardian. And fill the field with skulls and Purple.
Thus using Aziris to chain 4-skulls matchs

Sadly, the purple Guardian, Sacrifice, kills a troop :slightly_frowning_face:





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Blossom (11 Blue/Green)
Create 9 Yellow and 9 Green Gems. Dispel all enemies.

Those troops that gives a mix of two mana colors in 15 total backfire me quite a bit when I use them. (Like the Guardians, only Justice become good since mab can freeze, so if Justice mishit mab save the team)
So my suggestion would be that Anthea is creating 9 Yellow and 9 Green Gems, instead of the 15 mix.


She just has garbage traits. And weak dangerous spell.
I don’t even know how to help her.


I don’t know what to do with her, she’s just Desert Mantis with worse traits, end of story.


I wasn’t using these troops to begin with (Anthea, Desert Mantis,e tc.), and the nerf to gem spawners completely took them out of the toolbox for me. Way too much risk with too little potential benefit.


yeah exactly…whats the point using them when they will backfire 50% of the time, same goes for most or all of the Guardians…


Yeah, there are lots of good single and double colour transformers that will give me the mana I need without risk of turning it all over to the AI. Maybe not one for every race, but the race bonuses are so insignificant that I rarely consider them unless I’m putting up a defence team to help others with the weekly event (in which case, I barely care whether the team is functional or not).


What if the amount of gems scaled with ally centaurs?


Yep like a Gar’Nok