Daily Troop Discussion!


I like the convert as it still allows a degree of board control, much like mercy. It’s surprising how quickly you can get him hitting for 80+ damage.
I haven’t used him loads, just in guild wars a few times and like I said, think he’s actually OK!
When I get time, I’ll try to get a team but I’m really busy at the moment and trying to play less.


Personally I’m with Eika, I’ve not used Sylvasi. His attack gain is not that impressive, and despite having nice traits I find he makes a poor tank. Agile just never seems to work when I need it to!

I tried your team Dan but it wouldn’t work for me in GW as most of the time I face forest troll with kraken, Mab, and the occasional Yasmine or Aurora thrown in. So he’s entangled in one enemy skull match and then you get devoured or tentacled to death with no way out because your team is frozen


You now say he is OK. You first said he was Perfect. You confuses me brudda…


Hi, thanks for trying it. It’s weird as it worked really well last week, this week it’s terrible! The agile rarely triggered for me either! Did try him below wisps to help fill them or up top?


He’s OK as a troop to use. His stats, spells and mana cost etc are perfectly fine as they are. Sorry for the confusion. Imo obviously.


OK… If you are asking me for one change… How about steal extra attack to troops that use blue mana? :slight_smile:
Not that I think he needs changing mind.


I put him up top to make the most of his attack. Maybe below would be better?..


13 mana cost seems quite a bit… 11 would fit him better?


Who knows mate? Of all the troops that transform X to Y and (mostly) gain a boost to the effect based on the number of gems transformed:

  • Sunsail costs 9
  • Dark maiden, templar and jackelope cost 10
  • Drake rider and winged bison cost 11
  • Anointed One, Mercy, Banshee and Naga Queen cost 12
  • Bastite Priestess and terraxis cost 13
  • Werewolf and shadow dragon cost 14

So yeah… Pick a number, any number…


Most single colour converters have a 12 mana cost, that is what I think Sylvasi should have.

Never fall to the mistake of using Sylvasi with an entangler on the team, Sylvasi thrives on enemy attack.

Want a strong Sylvasi team?

Forest Guardian
Queen Aurora

talon banner

There you go, you can even use it on green day for GW. You’re welcome.


Some but not all! See above…


Change first trait for immunity to entangle?


That could work. Or armour piercing could be good too, it would make that attack gain more deadly. Or an enrage condition. I agree that it needs something to make it better!


That change alone would make Sylvasi better than Gloom Leaf






For me, the only buff Pride Guard needs is to increase its boost ratio from 4:1 to 3:1, everything else is fine where it is I guess.


Pride Guard is Paladin-lite. It is harder to boost his damage, but harder to lower it as well. I never really cared for him since he is difficult to keep at the level where he threatens a kill. I honestly don’t use him unless Elspeth rolls him and I’m in a PvP battle, but when she does, if he cascades full, I can generally count on him to finish off whatever I need to. Pre-release, in the preview thread, he was 3:1 boost ratio and I honestly think that would have been fine for him, since he can’t one shot without a team-wide armor buff on top of having the whole team unscathed and 12 mana cost gives plenty of time to get a couple shots in to prevent that.


Totally agree with this. Boost ratio should be 3:1. :+1:


Very reasonable and good suggestions for this troop, so we can move forward.