Daily Troop Discussion!


Its already enough threads about Wisp. Also this thread is mainly about making some troops more useful.






I think most of the “X damage split randomly” type of troops are too weak.
Rowanne is the only exception. She does a nice chunk of damage, albeit with restriction.
Maybe these type of troops could tailor after the same model too.
Buff their damage, but assign some kind of depreciate-able conditions to them.
This would open up the door to many “randomly split damage” troops to the players.


Awesome artwork, he looks brutal,unfortunately he’s not! I think a lot of the problems with epics is people think they should be more powerful than they’re supposed to be. They’re epics, not legendary troops. However, the game is as far away from being balanced as it ever has been so I can’t suggest anything radical really. I only use him first daily tasks. Maybe keep him as is, but double damage against burning enemies? So the ones already on fire get the damage they were going to get, and get it again. A bit like a double tap.


Ifrit needs a rework to be given an identity. For the longest time, he was just a slightly different version of Dimetraxia (with Dimextraxia at 25% burn, they were about comparable at very early game, now he is way worse almost across the board). I’d like to see him with a conditional color convert, there are too few things with Insulated that do this. Plus, he needs to not do the same exact thing as another troop that shares his color (specifically I don’t want to just see another version of Fire Lizard, Dimetraxia, or Flame Cannon). If he is going to keep split damage with no board mod, lower the cost to 11.


My rework suggestion for Ifrit:
Deal (let’s just say 20) damage to a enemy boosted by burning enemies by 2x, if the enemy dies, create 8 red gems.
Mana cost lowered to 12.


We are getting there some good suggestions.

From google:
The ifrits are a class of jinn in Middle Eastern mythology and noted for being among the most powerful kind of Jinn; they are not genies. They’re known for being strong and impervious to mundane items like weapons. Ifrits are usually evil beings.

Its not said that he have to be powerful in this game, but I remember when I first joined this game and saw Ifrit and thought, holy moses hes weak…I possibly have it mostly from the FF-Series as one even faught him as well as he was available to summon as a strong God. Flames of Hell is one of his known spells, it smells base Mythic out of the spell name. :wink:


I would like if he got a one troop target spell as well as if the target is burning that he has a 50% chance to devour the target.






I absolutely love Sylvasi, mainly his tankiness from combining barkskin with Agile. His blue to purple conversion also makes him unique.

I wished there was a strong purple pan’s vale troop to use him with. And I think his mana cost should be 12.

I like using Sylvasi with Forest Guardian or with keeper of souls.


Like him as is out front. Was bit sad when he lost Stealthy but, Agile and Barkskin is an interesting combination.

Spell is a nice with Keeper of Souls/Sekhma/Infernal King etc


Personally one of the troops that I have never used. I doubt I even would had used him with this suggestion: He should have a boost ratio of 2:1 and not 3:1 of his spell. He should also get Stealthy trait instead of Nature Brand. And then lowering his mana cost to 11. And we are there? People who likes this sort of troops should fancy this suggestion.


Sylvasi is awesome, a real (not now) hidden gem.
Paired with wisps and King highforge it’s a formidable gw team. Probably works best with wisps up top but I had sylvasi first when I went 5/0 with it last week.


Lets make him a little better? Or not needed at all? Hes an Epic too.


I think he’s perfect


I dont know what to answer. I am paralyzed.


Lets take his mana cost down to 11 and take his boost ratio to 2:1, at least? No?


Of course, opinions… We all have one!
I just tried my team from up there ^^ in pvp and it was terrible. How bizarre. I’ve put it on defence for a day, see what happens.


Ok, I thought you was using sarcasm at first when you said he was perfect. But its fine, have your opinion. Do you have any perfect PvP teams to share with Sylvasi in for PvP?


I’d make his conversion better. Like: transform a color to purple (like giant spider does).
Then he’d be a nice alternative.
Summon a spider or steal attack?