Daily Troop Discussion!


I think BD has all but disappeared from defense teams, but still has a place on offense. Like all generators, you need to know when a cast is more likely to work out in your favor, which the AI is bad at. Previously, the board layout didn’t matter at all.

Likewise, you rarely see Sheggra or KoS on defense, but both can be used to good effect on offense.


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Yes, exactly.

I still use BD and KoS on offense from time to time.


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I have to be honest, I wanted a rework on Bone Dragon so badly, but I doubt we ever will see one now.


If Bones went back to pre-nerf (destroy armor and create as many skulls) it would be mayhem for the end game players with their 50+ armors. It’d make Wisps look like underfed kids.






I never found one-time spells to be useful. It’s one of my least favourite mechanics in the game.


Maw has one-time spell and pretty useful?


Yeah, barely the only one. But still don’t like the concept. It’s a personal opinion.


I thought about a rework to the one-time only spells. Instead of one-time only, how about doubling the mana requirement for each consecutive use of the spell (2x,4x,8x).


So what is increased by the Arcane trait? Is the magic bonus increased?


On GoWDB, the equation inside square brackets is influenced by the Magic trait. So in Tassarion’s case, it increases the number of gems he spawns.


Oh. Then that trait is useless.
Maybe change it for a 100% respawn like Drake Rider. Like an Imp maybe


Too many troops spawn ancient horror or other same troops. Maybe spawn an imp instead for a change. Then maybe they’ll rework imps! I can’t remember ever using this dude.


What if after casting his spell he becomes “Awakened” and gets a new spell.

We need an apprentice mage troop from silverglade for him to summon on death.


One of the worst epics in the game, he badly needs a rework.


A huge problem with the one-shot spells is that they are way overcosted by virtue of being one shots, and not because of the relative strength of the spell. Tassarion’s would be broken if allowed to cast multiple times, though, because of the uncapped magic scaling, free color targeting + arcane would allow him to infiniloop to however much magic you need for a team wipe every time. He’s basically a wasted slot (for anything other than testing uncapped gem spawn mechanics) unless he at least increases the effectiveness of other troops by a third. While functionally, you can achieve this with 3 magic in some cases (boosting a spell to 2 shot vs 3 shot, or 3 shot vs 4 shot), it becomes less and less likely and on fewer troops the more you progress into the game.

At this point, I’d give him a very simple buff - instead of increasing the magic of all allies by 3, have it be 3 boosted by their current magic (3:1 boost ratio). That would make him one of the better guaranteed magic buffers in the game, while still having the the strong drawback of the one-shot and a wasted slot afterward. Enough to at least justify him taking a spot in the team in some instances.


Put a Wisp up here and watch this thread explode…