Daily Troop Discussion!


I started reading your idea and was really liking it, until you complicated everything with boosted spells and such.

What I thought you were going to suggest is that mechs could accumulate more mana than what its spell costs, in other words, mech spells wouldn’t cost 100% of its max mana, allowing it to cast again the following turn if you choose to.

Example: flame cannon has a 12 max mana but it would only spend 6 mana when casting. Ofc this would need a full rework of the Adana kingdom and we had one just recently.


That sounds great, and even has the benefit of fitting in the trait description field!

Overcharge: This troop can store 2x its spell cost in Mana.

The only problem is that the trait would make it harder to “spill over” the mana to other synergistic troops, which could make it a double-edged sword. Maybe make it so only otherwise-uncollected mana would be stored?


I actually would like it to be double-edged, you’d have to make sure mechs aren’t blocking important colours or just use them at the back.


Maybe, though what other traits are double-edged? The devs have avoided the “buyer’s remorse” problem thus far by not creating traits with downsides.

Anyway, I really like the idea. :slight_smile:


I’ve long argued that Carnex is a walking contradiction. It’s never made sense to me that his Legendary trait improves his skull damage yet his spell is focused on skull removal. I was really sad when they did some work on Adana and passed this over.

Personally, I think he should either have his spell or trait fundamentally reworked so they work in tandem and not at cross-purposes. Either use the spell to set him up better for skulls, or use the trait to make him a better frontline exploder.

Edit: Wow, I was really tired last night and this was full of typos! Fixed em.


Carnex works great with other mass exploders or with skull spawners (mainly KeeperofSouls)

I wished there was a mech that could do it.


Some great discussions as always. Thats why it is a lot of fun update this thread with troops. Thank you everyone! :blush:






Bone Dragon seems to be fairly well-balanced now. That said, even balanced troops are thrown on the trash heap in favor of OP power creep. Perhaps adjust his max skull generation a bit more. And to think outside the box, if Enrage and Hunters Mark were more viable Bone Dragon would be more popular as is.


Since the nerf I prefer keeper of souls, but BD is still a fun troop to use in the right team. Plus his third trait is awesome.


I personally think that his max skull generation should be adjusted a bit more.


Hmm I dunno… if it hit an extra turn every time then we get the old meta back, and don’t nobody want that! The Devs said they tested it a lot to set the right number


He’s fine as he is imo.


Yeah hes fine as many other troops to have in the collection. :wink:


I think this is the real issue. Totally a victim of power creep. Personally, I think BD is in a really good place right now (in a vacuum) and they should actually be nerfing troops back down to his power level. He works great as a frontline attacker with his 3rd trait, and he can be a solid skull spammer in the 3rd slot, but he’s still a little vulnerable up top and isn’t guaranteed to give you tons of matches and blast through the entire enemy team. That seems right to me.


I think devs did a really good job with boné dragon


Yeah, they must have, as its been a year since I have seen him in PvP. Is it just me out here today that thinks he got nerfed to the bottom of the sea?


I see him quite often both in PvP and in GW. I always see BD as a major threat and I don’t let it cast freely. Also, a few guildmates find BD essential to their GW builds.


I’m sure many people agree with you and want him boosted.

But, I think he is pretty balanced now. I agree with Studs. The problem is power creep growing with some poorly tested new troops.