Daily Troop Discussion!


Funny idea.

Instead of a 20% chance to gain a map, Give him a 100% chance to make a FAKE map. A map that counts for abilities but doesn’t actually reward you with a map at the end.

Gives map based troops a sorely needed buff and I can imagine him giving Tyri a fake map to keep her preoccupied.


20% is too low


He’s pretty bad, but I don’t consider him endgame worthy again (free questline epic, performs an early game function). Buff map generation to 50% and lower mana cost to 11 for starters (so many of these 13 cost no board mod epics need 11 or 12 mana cost instead). If we want to give him a bit stronger of an identity, have him generate an additional random status effect for each 5 green gems on the board (callback to how his random status was only supposed to work with 10+ green gems, but the condition never worked properly in the first place). All that combined would make him situationally better than Dragonette, at least, especially at lower levels where the map generation and higher base spell damage actually matter.






Easiest one: Create 5 skulls, then explode 10 random Skulls. Gain [Magic + 5] Armor.


I like him since the rework. He has the highest first-turn skull damage in the game (i believe, not including any spells obviously) once you get the spiked armour trait. Works great with keeper of souls on purple days in GW.

Armour gain is a little underwhelming especially now there are more sky drops. It does seem a bit wrong that his armour gain can get undone in one skull match from the enemy.

Maybe a teeny buff to make him gain some attack as well as armour? Even if it’s like 4x less attack gain than armour?

I’d leave his traits and cost as they are.


His explosions is sometimes very meh due to too little skulls on the boards. If he creates some skulls before he explodes he can be looked at as a complete Legendary.


Not bad for a legendary troop, a decent ideal for creating an all-Impervious team though, I guess we’ll leave him as is for now.


Reworks does not rain down on us, sadly. I wish there was a lot more of those. But what can we do. My expectations is therefore very low when it comes to rework. However somehow I felt they listened to some of the suggestions that we made for the troop Artema. So maybe it is not all black after all…


@Eika i like your idea to have him create skulls before he 'splodes them but it would make him very similar to skullbeard wouldn’t you say?


Not too similar, as Skullbeard explodes 10 random gems, not skulls. He create skulls, thats right.


Even Skullbeard is a better exploder than Carnex as it stands now, and he is an Epic…
I know Carnex gain a little armor in his spell, but still, I generally think Mech deserves a better exploder, and this is the best suggestion I had in mind that I came up with.


Is that right? Hrmmm lol shows how much i know hahahaha


Yeah, I double checked earlier just in case. :wink:


The thing is, with a Mech Hero, Carnex becomes as fast as Ragnarok, with better attack, armor, and impervious.
He rocks in Mech teams. I’d advice not touching him much,


Still a lot bader exploder than Ragnagord tho.

I agree. No need to change much on him. As my suggestion said earlier, let him create 5 skulls before the explosions go off. That way he is a little more reliable.


I actually think Carnex needs a lot more work to be viable. Explorers are a real gamble to use. @eika’s suggestions above are a good start. I’d like to see his Spiked Armour trait add 50% to skull damage not 25% too.

Even them, I doubt many would use him over The Dragon Soul…


The only instances I use Carnex is whenever I need an Impervious in front.

The team I used Carnex the most was Carnex,Moloch, Draakulis, NobendBrothers in red guild wars day.
That was before Infernus and Elemaugrim were added to the game


I do like Eika’s suggestion of creating more skulls then exploding them.
However, I propose a Trait type that would be unique to Mechs, let’s call it Overload. How Overload would work is that once a Mech has full mana, it will continue to collect mana over and beyond, up to a max of 2x cost. An Overloaded spell would be a more powerful version of the Mechs spell - for example Draco Leet’s insta-kill chance would go up depending how overloaded it is up to double (50%). The downside is that the power surge has a chance to do something adverse to the Mech depending on how Mana overclocked it was - could cause some dmg to itself, have a period of time where it can’t collect mana or attack (cooldown mode) or even a small chance for the Mech to well, umm blow itself up! This would need a lot of work to get each Mech balanced but this Trait unique to Mechs would be so awesome…Let’s Make Adana Great Again :wink:


I completely agree with you on that.