Daily Troop Discussion!


I’d like to see a stronger “race” or “kingdom” identity. Goblins, extra turn. Dragons, X happens on 4-5 matches. Beasts devour, as beasts do. Undead suck life, Demons come back from hell, wizards and necromancers summon, snakes poison. You want extra turns? You need something green and stinky.


FWIW, I love this idea.

Edit: I’d love to see a full rundown by “race” or “kingdom”!


Goblin King needs to get the extra turn and get his last trait reworked. That is all IMO.

For his final trait I suggest a 50% chance to fully heal when he gets hit in life.


Personally, I’ve always found it odd that the King of the goblins doesn’t have an extra turn. It seems so fundamental to goblins that it’s odd the king of them doesn’t have it. I’m sympathetic to the card art argument, but it still seems odd.

The only way I can make sense of it is that, much like in chess, the queen is the one that’s really dynamic. If you’re going to keep then king without a turn then you definitely can’t take away the queens. Then it makes zero sense to me. Why would the mightiest of the goblins not have the thing that most makes them mighty?


Goblin King got a huge buff with just a couple really good goblins in his summon pool. His last trait is the thing that needs to be looked at. The existence of the queen has for some reason shifted goblins to the highest life race in the game in most situations already. The 20 life is almost laughable in terms of magnitude, with Grapplepot handing out 5 to the team every 5 match and Behemoth getting 8 per match 4. I suggested devour immunity before, but given that he can now reach ridiculous life via Grapplepot even without his own legendary trait, I no longer think this would be a good idea. Scale his life buff to magic (or even half magic), first of all. He needs a new trait, but I have no idea what to give him. Another match 4 goblin buff trait?

Thematically, a guaranteed extra turn would fit for Goblin King, but balance wise, putting fire-and-forget extra turns on mass board mod spells is a bad idea. Removing an entire color very rarely leaves a board with no match 4s or 5s for one side or the other, and this is another instance where you take a board event that can be used that would leave you in an either strong or weak position, rarely neutral, and make it always leave you in a strong position. And yes, freeze exists, but there is really only one viable freezing troop, which does so on a random troop, for a random length of time, and often off random board events. And considering that freeze counters all spell chains that don’t include a cleanse and not just the braindead ones, do we really want an environment where freeze is commonplace just because we need to counter a handful of out-of-control troops?






Biggest problem with War is he is a glass cannon.
He is a beast, but one or two AoE attacks and he’s done for with only 18 Life.
This was… the first Mythic released if memory serves… And his stats reflect that.

Increase his Life, making him a reliable tank.
Consider changing Infernal Armor to an Armor Reduction, again making him a more reliable tank, OR increase to a higher rate than 25% (maybe 50%) reflection so choosing to attack him actually hurts.

Finally, I think his spell should be changed:

Endless Conflict: Deal [Magic + 1] damage to the first enemy, boosted by my Attack. Deal 50% to the 2nd enemy. 25% to the 3rd. And 10% to the last enemy. Gain an extra turn if an enemy dies.

#makemythicsGreatAgain! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mana cost could possibly have gone down to 20 too?


I’ve been just discovered a brilliant team for war.
Kraken banner
However, I really think he needs that pyromania trait pre buff and a 20 mana cost to be more viable as a mythic.
It often amazes me how many mythics just don’t have that ‘oh no not him!’ factor.
Death is another one but we discussed him before.
So I’m really enjoying that war team but like stonehammer I’ve initially struggled to get him shoehorned into a viable build.
I think I’ve succeeded but he definitely needs another look. I’ve got 3 but see no reason why I’d double up, maybe if their traits stacked perhaps? Like Pharos-Ra or famine or multiple copies of moloch, or abynissia.


Sorry, but the team is not very new, its months old already, its a good team I agree. New for console tho since console just got Infernus.:wink:


Well I haven’t ever seen it on ps4 or anyone else post it to share on the forum, so that’s good enough for me!


I believe you brudda.


I think if his spells remains the same, dropping to 20, maybe even 18, so he can swing more frequently.

But if it changes to my suggestion above, I think 22 is satisfactory.


His 3rd trait is quite meh too, even if it count towards his damage output, its just too low.


Which is why with the changed spell it DOES become more impressive! :wink:

Again without the spell change, I would consider increasing the bonus to at least 3/turn.


I like that he has a bit of a glass cannon feel. I don’t think he should both be really tanky and do tons of damage. That sounds like a recipe for an OP troop. (EK & Kryst, anyone?) I think boosting his Life a bit and lowering the spell cost a little is all he needs. Buffing the 3rd trait a little also wouldn’t hurt.


I think War’s spell should do 2xDamage to all humanoid troops. Human, Elf, Orc, Goblin, Wargare, Merfolk, Raksha, Stryx, Centaur, Giants, Dwarfs, Fey, Tauros, Urska, I may be forgeting some. Basicaly any race capable of raising an army. That would surely revive that effect: “oh no! enemy has War! I cannot afford to let it cast.”

Maybe raise his mana cost to 24, but leave everything else as it is.


Move half of his attack into his health then change his 3rd trait to 5-6 attack a turn.


He was never really great in the front, but I don’t think that is necessarily a problem, hes very all or nothing if used in the first slot. Infernal Armor is a really bad trait - Pyromania was so much better. Otherwise, War is fine as a glass cannon. He is just a bit too much glass and not enough cannon. Simply upping his boost ratio to x2 would and possibly making his trait 3 attack per turn make him a reliable one-shot after being buffed or a few turns (about where ketras is with a similar amount of setup, trading in splash damage and a bit of bulk for conditional extra turns). He would still be hard countered by being entangled.