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Custom inactivity flag duration

“Guild members will now be marked as inactive on the Roster list if they haven’t played for some time (about 21 Days)”

i think…i can speak for most guilds when i say that 21 days it a really long time for a member to not log in. can we please set this to a custom number? lets say anywhere from 1-3 days to 30 days?


This is a GREAT idea!!!

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Fully support this.

For low level guilds with casual players 21 days is fine.

For top end guilds,a week is too long.


I generally like this idea. However, as they have it coded right now, the GM can be kicked by the highest ranking member based on that inactivity number as well. I doubt the devs will be comfortable with allowing a GM to be kicked after 3 days. (21 days of inactivity is the number that support uses as a cutoff for removing MIA GMs)

If they allowed custom inactivity flags, they would need to have a separate flag for the GM and the rest of the guild.


A fix for that would be to put it customizable per rank per guild.