Cursed Gnomes

Even the guaranteed cursed gnome quest line has less of them than advertised. Of course.

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Just randomly noticed the quest on my world map now.
Was just 1 fight & done.

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Lol it didnt gave any runes. Unreal move… what would it cost to give us at least a few runes during the run.

@Kafka please confirm whether or not this quest line needs to be completed for Cursed Gnomes still to trigger in battles.

I know it wasn’t originally launched this way. But I have zero expectations that major changes like this are still announced since you no longer have a dedicated community manager.

No clue when the change was implemented.
But two cursed gnomes Sunday.
Zero yesterday.

1 so far today AFTER completing the quest line courtesy of my fellow forum members.


Wow, if they relocked the encounter behind this without announcing it, during the bonus window, that’s really sad.

Edit: sounds like that’s not the case. Phew.


I got one cursed gnome this morning and I have not do these quests.

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Same, got one this morning and no quest til much later.

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Hey all,

In relation to the Runepriest Quest;

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Whoa, how’d that one get loose in the wild early?

I am unsure myself but does appear to have been some testing data.

Should be removed in the next 24hrs!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Is the celebration still around?

How could anybody tell?


It was 15 days ago for 2 weeks. I guess it’s over.
I only find 1 so far with 2000+ Trophies.

This is assuming it actually happened, about which, I have my doubts.

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Celebration? There was no celebration. The gnomes are normally at a higher rate during vault weekend. That is the only best time time to farm runes.

Devs created some drama. Applying some strategy to make players beg for cursed gnome. We technically need ONLY a limited number of runes (about 1040???) and the others are optional (too expensive).

In fairness, the Devs strategy is working for some players. Next announcement, we get more runes than verses. :face_vomiting:

I can have 100k vault keys and still very happy about it, but not with runes.


I found exactly 0 cursed gnomes outside of GaPs.

Here’s me celebrating. :neutral_face::expressionless::no_mouth::grimacing::yawning_face:


That sucks you didn’t find any. I will say I saw a notable increase and while they were by no means abundant, they weren’t also totally scarce. If I could get Verse 3 Band Gnomes as consistently as I got Cursed Gnomes during the time period, I’d be a happy camper. Just goes to show how wildly different individual experiences can be in the game due to RNG.


This week:
Trophies: 3383
Cursed Gnomes: 2 ( PvP)
Cursed Runes: 10+10

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That I can do, too. :grin: Not sure if it helps. :thinking:

Trophies: 2076
Cursed Gnomes: 0
Cursed Runes: 0


Cursed gnomes still dropping?
0 since gnome-a-palooza weekend…