Curse of the Werewolf missing a copy of Bloodfang's Moonboi

31 copies are needed to level any pet tp mythic. There are five packages of six copies of this pet, for purchase in the event store. Where does one find copy 31? If memory serves, there is usually an ongoing holiday event calendar, which provided the final copy. No event calendar is ongoing. With everything going on in the game, was this just an oversight? Or has the final copy been moved for this event?
A similar issue was reported during the Lost Souls of Carmina event. Just an issue with Halloween events?


seems to be overlooked, make a bug report…just saying

Hello! This is something I have been following up with already, they will be mailed out.


Any info on “when” this will be mailed out? @Jeto @Kafka

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Today, just finishing getting this set up to be mailed out.


Thank you! I received it!

:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

Thanks for the 1copy.