[Fixed] Missing Carmina's Golden Kitty

Platform, device version and operating system:
Nintendo Switch

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
Was expecting to find carmina’s golden kitty, but it is not available in the Halloween shop after buying 5 copies of carmina’s kitty.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It happened today, November 2, 2023, after buying 5 copies of carmina’s kitty.

Steps to make it happen again
Purchase 5 copies of carmina’s kitty on Nintendo Switch, and carmina’s golden kitty will be replaced by the Howler pet from Ghulvania.

We also need an additional carmina kitty in the mail so that we can have 31 copies to ascend the pet to mythic without using a pet orb.

If we could please get a response and a fix for this early next week, before the Halloween event is over, it would be much appreciated.:+1:


Hey Darkborne,

I don’t think that a Golden Carmina’s Kitty exists right now. That only started afterwards.

Here’s what I see on PC/Mobile after doing a show all search:


:heart: Anam Cara :heart:

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To explain a bit more in detail what this bug report is about:

The “Lost Souls of Carmina” event has an event shop that offers two themed pets, Carmina’s Kitty and Carmina’s Golden Kitty. Carmina’s Golden Kitty only becomes available for purchase after buying out Carmina’s Kitty. This part has been misconfigured, the shop incorrectly offers Howler instead of Carnina’s Golden Kitty.

The issue is event configuration on server side, there is no point in checking individual accounts.

Edit: Disregard, brain fart. As others have pointed out, “Lost Souls of Carmina” is back from when holiday events didn’t yet have golden pets, those were introduced later. The event is showing up out of sequence because it’s seasonal and hasn’t been run on Switch yet. Something had to be put on the shop shelf that didn’t exist earlier, Howler is the cosmetic pet from Halloween 2020, so I guess that sort of works.

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I don’t think it is missing as such more it has never existed. If you look on the list of pets etc in Tarans there is no golden kitty. I think Carmina was released on the other platforms prior to the golden pets being added so they have subbed in a different pet.


There is no Golden Kitty pet to be missing. We never got one on PC/Mobile, it was the the very first ‘Holiday event’ introduced and didn’t have a Golden pet attached.

Original release news:

Krinklemas was the first event with a golden pet to obtain


I forgot Carmina didn’t have a Golden pet. Having Howler as a replacement for a Golden pet is just weird.


I have only 30x copy of carmina’s kitty, missing 1 in the total

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Sorry about posting a bug report for a cosmetic pet that doesn’t even exist. I forgot this was the first holiday event, so the golden version of the holiday themed pet didn’t exist at the time.

Would it be possible for NS to get 1 extra copy of carmina’s kitty in the mail?

@Bramble @Jeto @Kafka


1 week later still no official answer :-1:


Hello :slight_smile:

The last copy of Carmina’s Kitty has already been mailed out.