Tuzi's Lis Sis missing 1 copy for upgrade

i bought enough battles this morning to max out the pet and troop(with orb) however the pet cannot reach mythic as it is missing 1 more copy.

this was a problem in the 1st holiday event (halloween) the fix was a copy mailed. the christmas one got ahead of the problem and was mailed first.

i hope to recieve the extra copy soon.


It’s not that these situations were “fixed” by sending 1 through the mail system.

It’s that 1 copy is included in the associated holiday calendar. The calendar for the Lunar New Year is not active this week. I would expect it next week.


This previously occurred during the Krinklemas holiday event – 1 copy of the event pet should be available in calendar giveaways.

Every holiday or other day that has a special pet if the pet was not in the weekly rescue event then everyone got a free copy in the mail. Why are people acting like that has changed?